NFC Actions

Nexus 4 users: This device has a different NFC chip than the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7, so if you're experiencing problems reading tags like Miffare Classic, try other models cause it's because of the hardware. Check this information: http://www.nfc-phones.org/broadcom-nfc-chip/

NFC Actions is an android app that lets you write Quick and Cloud Actions (and Flomio Zapps) to NFC tags. After a tag is written it can be quickly scanned to carry out an action like sending an email, opening a url, checking in with Foursquare, etc.

The app includes these main NFC actions:

---NFC Quick Actions---
- Zapps: Launch specific apps from the real world
- Application: Execute any application when reading an NFC Tag.
- Dial: Dials a phone number.
- Foursquare: Check-in at al ocation.
- Settings: Turn on/off Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode.
- Light: Turn on and of your flash as a flashlight.
- Mail: Compose an email.
- Maps: Launch Google Maps.
- Maps Navigation: Launch Google Maps Navigation.
- Market: Link a tag to an android market app.
- Sms: Send an SMS.
- Street View: Open Google Street View.
- Text: Write plain text in a tag.
- Url: View an specific Url.
- Wi-Fi: Connect to a Wi-Fi through NFC.
- Youtube: View a Youtube video when reading a tag.

---Tag Utilities---
- Reset Tag
- Clone Tag