Joke Detonator

Are you sick of waiting long queues to buy your tickets to the movies or taking your turn at the groceries? Is the person in the seat next to you getting you mad and you don't know anymore what to do in order to get him out of your sight asap? Are you ready to prank and play with your friends and have a good time? ¡¡THIS IS YOUR APPLICATION!!

Following some simple steps, you will be able to get a real fast seat in the subway or bus!


1.- Pretend to be anxious, impatient: praying, looking at the sky, whispering...
2.- Place your phone in such a way that your "victim" can see the screen and press START.
3.- Pretend to leave, keeping an eye on your phone. In just 30 seconds, you will see the result!!

Not suitable for infants, the elderly and people with heart diseases. Remember: this is an entertainment application and the only objective is to play a little joke! HAVE FUN!

You can leave us your opinions and suggestions and give us the 5 little stars if you have enjoyed it! ;)


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GIOVADROID, develops your imagination.

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Plif Plof

Plif Plof is a challenging game that combines both puzzle and logic. You will have to put all your neurons in place and try your best… if you really think you are brainy enough to beat all levels!.

The aim is simple: fill the board with pieces of the same color, using the fewest number of moves. But… how to do it is not that simple!

Know the rules! To make a move, tap a square and its color will change. In doing so, squares to its right, to its left, up and down will also change their color. But... ¡Be careful! Corners are the exception: when you tap them, the square in its diagonal will also change its color.

Pieces always change their color following the same pattern or order. Also, the number of colors which you are playing with is crucial: by using more colors, difficulty will also increase.

The best thing you can do is to play by yourself! For that, we offer you two different game itineraries:

Plif Plof world: Let us guide you through different worlds already created. Each world is a bit more challenging than the previous one. 6 is the maximum number of colors to play with (for now). Are you able to unlock them all? New worlds will be added regularly!

Plif Plof will exercise your mind, and will help you to develop your memory and logic abilities, because many levels are a real challenge.

In addition, Plif Plof has a very nice, unique, original and customized design, with which you will create the perfect playful environment to play and compete with your family and friends.

Do you dare to get into the Plif Plof world? COME IN!

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GIOVADROID, develops your imagination.

Key words: Game, logic, memory, new, fun, funny, plif plof, entertainment, play, laugh, simple, board, best, challenge, defy, victory, modern, curious, recent, pretty, smile, intelligence, smart, free, world, square, order, pattern, difficult, easy, awesome, incredible, brain, mind, imagination, family, education, puzzle, flip flop.