GPS Location Tagging - TagMe

TagMe is a futuristic app, which will make you to get rid of text based addresses. You can use this app to tag your current location on the planet and store it inside the app and view it anytime on Google Maps.
Following are the salient features:
1. Tag your location using GPS or Google Maps
2. View and navigate to the tagged location using Google Maps
3. Share a tagged location via SMS or eMail or native TagMe app to others
4. Where Am I? - find where you are with reference to a given location. You can know the distance and direction from the given location to your current location. It also tells you the current time at your location by getting it from GPS satellites.
5. Measure Distance - Measure distance between your tagged, received and famous locations and view the measured locations immediately on Google Maps together
6. Enjoy the satellite view of various famous locations of the world

Call Log Search Filter GlogMe

Search Calls / Messages
Mute Annoying Calls
Manage / Easy Share of Contacts
Call Reminders
Calls / Messages Statistics
Bulk Delete Messages
Bookmark Calls / Messages for future
Unlimited Call Log / Message Log Storage

Hide Calls / Messages in dBox

Hide calls / messages of your personal contacts...
The hidden calls / messages will be stored inside dBox with password can be with piece of mind even if your phone is at somebody else's hands...

Collaborative tasks - protoAnt

protoAnt stands for Productive Task Organizer Android Tool.
protoAnt is a collaborative task management application.
Using protoAnt, you can manage your everyday tasks and also you can collaborate with your friends and subordinates. You can assign the tasks to others and manage them via task collaboration.
Following are the salient features of protoAnt:
1. Simple Tasks with reminders, priority, snooze features
2. Color based task lists
3. Recurring Tasks with various recurring intervals
4. Task Collaboration - Initiate and confirm Collaboration requests
5. Assign Tasks to others - Task Assignment, Task Updates, Send Reminders, Cancel Tasks, etc
6. Share Task Lists via eMail and SMS
7. Smart Task Addition by filtering "task like" text messages using smart task keywords