Keyboard Swap for Tasker

** Requires Tasker (or Locale), Root AND Read/Write permissions on the /system partition **

Have a keyboard that you like for one app but not another? This app is actually a plugin for Tasker or Locale that, when triggered, will set your software keyboard to the selected input method.

Essentially, if you have a keyboard you like for sending texts, another for browsing the net and a third for something more complex like ConnectBot, one can setup profiles that detect those apps and change the keyboard to your favorite.

Alternatively, one could switch between two keyboards depending on the screen orientation, the time of day, or anything else that Tasker can detect.

Dropbox Sync for Tasker/Locale

This application is a plugin for Tasker / Locale that when triggered, syncs or uploads the specified file (or folder recursively) to your Dropbox.

This plugin uses the proper Dropbox API, so it doesn't need to store your password, just an access token!

For Tasker users (like myself!) this support variable substitution in the path name, so you can for example, select the file to upload based on the date.

Don't hesitate to comment on the app with suggestions!

Pulldown Editor

** Sorry for the time away from this project, guys! University made it hard to find time for this project...

BUT, I'm back! Expect new versions, with new ROM support soon! **

Requires Root/BusyBox

Ever want to change that "Verizon Wireless" banner you see every day? Now you can!

Message length is dependent on your ROM version

Now compatible with the new version of MetaMorph!

Featuring LARGE ERI mode, for messages up to 32 characters long!

See website for compatibility info!