SwimwearSpot - Swimsuit Finder

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a chore. There are many colors, styles and brands to choose from. Sometimes it's hard to find one that suits your body type or personality. Jumping from store to store searching through racks of swimsuits everyone else is wearing. Forced to just go with what you can find.

Often times you'll miss out on something better. Don't be stuck with that old boring swimsuit again.

The SwimwearSpot app helps you to easily find a new swimsuit.

Browse then narrow down your choices until you find what is perfect for you. Already have something you are looking for? A simple search can tell you where to find it.

Featuring swimwear for Men, Women, and Kids, in all different types, styles, and from multiple stores. Bikinis, Tankinis, Trunks, Boardshorts, Rashguards, Cover-ups and more. Whether you need swimwear for the beach, the pool or anything else, you can browse or search for the best swimsuit for your needs with the SwimwearSpot mobile app.

Features Include:
-Separate Men, Women and Kids sections
-Browse by Type/Style of swimwear
-Browse by swimsuit Brand name
-Search by Keyword

MetalCircuit Theme Go Launcher

Metal Circuits theme for GO Launcher EX. Do you have the need to personalize your Android device with something futuristic? Get this theme to makeover your Android device with GO Launcher EX.

Featuring a weathered metal background and glowing RED, BLUE, or GREEN circuits. Use this GO Launcher EX theme to make your device different than everyone else.

-3 Different Themes in one
-Original wallpaper
-Custom dock icons
-Custom app drawer
-Custom program and folder icons

Requires the latest version of GO Launcher EX to display this Go Launcher EX theme. (Search "GO Launcher EX" to download free.)

To apply the theme within GO Launcher EX: Goto MENU> Theme> then select your new theme.

To change the wallpaper select Wallpaper on the menu then choose "Go Wallpaper", browse choices and hit "Set Wallpaper".

To swap out Dock icons, press and hold on current icon, select "Choose icon" --> "Theme's icon" then make your selection.

If you like the theme, please come back and give it a rating.

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Cool Toy Spot

Keep up to date on your Android device with all the latest posts on Cool Toy Spot.

Cool Toys Spot is basically my effort in cataloging all the cool toys, figures, gadgets, games, etc. out there to share what's out there with everyone.

Don't forget to hit the refresh button near the bottom to download the latest posts.

Microbe Match Game

Match up unique microbe characters in this game to improve your memory skills. The classic kids card match up game is a fun and easy game for children of all ages and adults to keep the memory sharp, while having fun at the same time.

Included in Microbe Match Game:
-Four different game difficulty levels
-Keeps track of your best score
-Flex your memory muscles without even noticing
-Microbes magnified 1000x to reduce eye strain
-Safely touch them behind glass and not get infected
-All microbes are 100% made up and can be habit forming

Just select the Settings screen in the menu to choose between 4 different memory game modes. Difficulty increases each level with matching pairs with similar shapes, but with different colors to them. The memory game challenge increases as you try to remember both shape and color.

Try to beat your best score!