Voice Mail Player


Do you get Voice Mails via e-mail or web access? Have you ever forgotten your headphones (or you do not even have any) and still wanted to listen to your Voice Mails with some privacy (e.g., being in the office or driving by bus)?

Voice Mail Player automatically plays audio and video files (audio part only) via your Android phone's ear-piece - like as you would take a phone call.

Voice Mail Player does not(!) include a file picker. It can be started like Android's default media player from any application that deals with media files. It's in the shared apps list. It can be used via gallery, e-mail clients, file pickers, download folder etc.

ATTENTION: This app uses the default Android media player under the hood. Hence, files which cannot be played by the media player cannot be played by this app.

This app will not work on devices without ear-pieces (obviously).

Take a look at the settings to configure Voice Mail Player's behavior for your needs. Of course, you can use your phone's volume control keys as usual.

Geo Cascade

Geo Cascade is a chain reaction game. You have to clear the board by creating cascades. Different shapes represent different types of strengths to withstanding explosions or touches.

The bigger the shape, the more explosions are needed to get rid of it. Red dots explode into four pieces which move into four directions on the board to hit other shapes.

If you clear a board with as few moves as possible you receive a gold medal. If not you might receive silver or bronze. You need at least bronze to reach the next level. 1000s of levels can be accomplished. We provide free new levels daily via in-app update (just hit the PLAY button).

In the achievement section, you find your 100% game completion indicator. The number of times you play the game at 100% are counted as well. New level updates give you the chance to raise your 100% counter again. 100% can only be accomplished by getting all gold medals! Compete with your friends by sharing your game status!

- Just hit "Play" to immediately play the next open level
- Use the replay mode to analyze your last attempt
- Select different board skins
- Level list to select each level individually
- Filter the level list for missing gold medals

- AndroidTapp says: "Geo Cascade - ideal game for logic-loving puzzle fans!"
- Android Rundown says: "Fun gameplay with engaging scoring system"
- Android Quality Index: "Geo Cascade in Top 10 Android games and apps of December 2012!"
- The Playandroid Magazine says: "Geo Cascade is a pleasantly colorful and fast-paced game"
- AndroidShock says: "This cool mind-boggling puzzle is a perfect time killer!"

- What Users say: "The most challenging chain reaction game ever", "Pretty addictive", "Great game Simple, straightforward, and totally absorbing"



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Egg Crusher

Crush the eggs through chain reaction. Earn golden eggshells to unlock the next level. Just play through the game... or prove that you can get all golden eggshells for minimum crush count! Achieve 100% completion.

You can play each level individually or just play through the game. Use the replay mode to analyze your last attempt. Select different board skins: default, black & white, and pacifier.

1000s of levels can be accomplished. We provide free new levels daily via in-app update (just hit the PLAY button).




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To Link

'To Link' can be used through Android's capabilities to share text data between apps. Submit text to 'To Link' and it will try to linkify all plain text containing URLs, telephone numbers, mail addresses and locations.

Send To

Send-To can be used through Android's capabilities to share text data between apps. Submit text information to Send-To and you can send it to different Internet services immediately. Currently supported are: Bing Search, Google Search, Wikipedia Search, YouTube Search, Twitter Search, Reddit Search, CNN Search, Google Translator.

Round Thingies

A brain game that challenges your combination skills. Your task is to erase all of the dots by tapping on them. Dots filled to capacity detonate and can start cascades with other dots. Fill all dots with color!

Get medals for perfect levels. Compare yourself to the best players in the world by submitting to the World Highscore. 1000 different levels await you.

This is a challenging and fun gaming experience as well as a simple time killer. A game for logic-loving puzzle fans!

The Android permission "Internet" is used for the online highscore.

Free and ad-free! ;-)


Take simple text notes. You can put them into folders to create your own quick, easy and robust file structure.

CrocodileNote supports two modes - plain and encryption. In encryption mode all data is encrypted using password-based encryption (PKCS#5) with AES-256. These are common industry standards and used by, e.g., the famous TrueCrypt disk encryption.

In plain mode you can view and copy folders directly via PC from your internal SD card. Use encryption if you want to protect your data and your privacy!

CrocodileNote is an open-source project. We want to establish trust in our app. You can checkout the source code here:

Further features:
- Export to ZIP for backup
- Linkify notes in case you store e-mail addresses, Internet addresses/URLs or phone numbers
- Auto-logout switch for 30 minutes (encryption mode only)