Escape! From Detention

Welcome to detention. You ended up here because of a classmate’s antics, but you don’t belong here and now you must escape! Navigate through maze-like classrooms, while avoiding villains and obstacles. A hall pass and the room key is your ticket to freedom. Open your backpack to use a whoopee cushion, speed boosting tennis shoes, and more! Race through as fast as possible to earn straight A’s on each subject’s report card.
Avoid bullies, paper airplanes, hall monitors, teacher’s pets, security cameras, and the never faltering glare of the teacher.

Navigate challenging puzzles
Time your movements
Use your prankster tools to your advantage
Earn straight A’s
50 unique levels
Four characters

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Cyborg Glitch

Due to a freak electrical storm and a glitch in the remote control, you and your friends have been sucked into a combination science fiction & horror TV show. Even crazier, you’ve been turned into cyborgs and are being chased by a terrifying zombie robot! You must run, jump, and slide to avoid obstacles in order to escape his wrath. Collect coins and power ups along the way to increase your score!

- Avoid Obstacles And Run As Far As You Can
- Collect Powerups To Help You Avoid Certain Doom
- Grab Coins To Increase Your Distance
- Four Playable Characters
- Local Highscores

Developed at Howard County Library System's HiTech STEM education initiative, Cyborg Glitch is the creation of local middle school students enrolled in a one-week gaming workshop.