Sad Shayari (Dastaan-e-dard)

Jab dil ka dard, hadd se badh jaata hai,
Tab shayari se aksar, dil sukoon pata hai.

With great love, comes great pain too. And if you have ever experienced this pain, this collection of Hindi sad shayaris is especially for you. Strike the deepest chords of your heart and live pain to the fullest withour exclusive collection of Hindi Sher-o-Shayari SMS. Enter this Shayari ki duniya and experience the extremities of love, heartbreak, pain and long distance relationships. If you are missing your beloved and your relationship is going through troubled times, this heartfelt collection is sure to soothe your senses and uplift you emotionally. It will remind you of those wonderful days of candle light dinner, reading romantic books and poems, listening to love songs and watching movies, those little sweet nothings you have exchanged and how everything was snatched away by the cruel hands of destiny. Human life is full of ups and downs, difficult tests of destiny often leave you heart broken and unhappy- that’s when the heartache comes out through poetry.Poetry that beautiful beyond imagination, poetry that holds the complete essence of life, poetry that breathes and expresses the loss of life. You can share this shayri with friends who have just had a breakup or send it to your lover or beloved who broke your heart without knowing how much love it had for them. Beautiful shayari can make any dull moment brighter. So don’t just consider it as a four line poem, it could be a memory, an enlightening moment or a relief to your pained heart. This huge collection of Hindi SMS Shayari comprises of various emotions that your experience when love starts giving you pain beyond your heart can bear. Dard-e-dil, tanhaai, dil ke tukde, dard bhari raatein, if these are the terms you are living on these days, then we exactly know what you need to read. Don’t even think once before downloading this collection of sher shayari, because if you can love and if you can feel pain,you are sure to enjoy reading every bit of it. Ease out your emotional outburst with these pocket shayari app and share it with people who have experienced loss of love in life. These addictive shayaris will keep taking care of your broken heart till it heals. It’s time to celebrate pain!

Love Shayari- Mohabbat Ke Naam

Love is the essence of life, love makes everything beautiful and true, love gives a new meaning to each thing, love is the feeling that celebrates you!

This is not just a collection of ordinary love shayaris, it’s a voice of every loving heart. It epitomises the extremities of relationships, of love at first sight, of falling and being in love, of making every heartbeat count and of being one with your beloved. Every word you will read here will make you realize how beautiful the feeling of being in love is. This huge collection of sher-o-shayari is sure to take you in a wonderland of passion and emotion. If you have ever fallen in love and if someone special has meant the world to you, if you have related your love story to romantic Hindi movies or love songs, if you have exchanged cute gifts and cozy cuddles and if the sight of your loved one make you go crazy, get ready to relive the nostalgia with Hindi Love Shayaris. Share these words of heart with your better half and see the beautiful magic of love begin. Explore a wide range of emotions from first love to courtship, from secret names to watching sunsets together, from reading each other’s palms to lazing in their arms. Each sher will get you closer to your love and will make you believe in the beauty of togetherness. Call it anything, love, ishq, mohabbat, yarana, pyar, dil ka lagaana, the emotion remains just one – deep passionate love. Read through the handpicked collection of the most beautiful Hindi love shayaris that will fill your life with romance and give expression to the feelings in your heart. When you read and share these shayri, you are sure to plant a cute smile on the face of your loved one. Not just that, your relationship will be strengthened with every word, every shayari and every emotion you offer. Make your sweetheart’s day special by setting the mood – read, recite and share beautiful love shayaries when your loved one is happy, sad, missing you, confused or just want to hear your feelings. Carry this romantic collection of verses in your mobile and send a beautiful love shayari on Facebook , Twitter and Whatsapp whenever, wherever. Make your emotions sound even more special with our words and fill your life with the magic of love.

Ek shayarana salaam, mohabbat ke naam!

Friendship Shayari SMS

"Dosti ki awaaz hai, Doston ki zubaani.
Isse chaho toh shayari samajh lo,
Aur chaho toh zindgaani."

Explore the biggest treasure of shayari based on the beautiful bond of friendship that transcendent all relationships. A friend is a part of yourself, an inseparable part, closest to your heart. So deep dive in this poetry pool and pick out the most beautiful gems of Friendship Shayari you would have ever heard. A superb collection of Hindi Dosti Shayari that will evoke nostalgia, good times of the past, cute pranks and the world of friendship that some still live on yet some have left far behind. Friendship is no ordinary emotion, it is being with someone who knows you the most and the best, it has a power to change a human being for good. We have picked up some most beautiful emotions of this heart to heart bond and have weaved it together in sher-o-shayari. No matter how close or far off your friends are, no matter how busy or jobless they are, no matter you meet everyday or see each other once in a decade, no matter your friendship is old or new, strong or developing, these Friendship SMS Shayris are sure to reach each and every heart thereby strengthening the beautiful bond of friendship, yaari, dosti. Carry this huge shayari bank in your pocket and use these wonderful words anytime anywhere. Making it up after a fight with your friend, asking someone special to be your friend, remembering old times with your best buddy, or sitting idle in your college canteen...these words of unbreakable bonds will soothe your senses whenever you scroll through them. Each of this shayari is scripted in a way that it will give voice to your heart and let your pals know how much they mean to you. There are times, when no explanation suffices, it’s at such times that one sher can work wonders. So whenever you find a friend, read them, recite them, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and remember them because they are not mere words – they are the essence of life! Crazy friends, best friends, upset friends, considerate friends, casual friends, more than friends...there is a special Shayari for every bond of friendship. Friendships built in moments to friendships that last forever. So put on your shayarana andaaz and let your friends know that poetic dil ki awaaz.

May you be blessed with friendships forever!

Funny Shayari - Kavi Sammelan

Chutkulon ki bauchaar, hogi har baar
Shayar-ae-azam, ho jaao taiyyar!

If shayari is your style and you wish to make someone smile, funny shayari is a perfect way to make each moment worthwhile. A collection of the most hilarious, rib tickling and mood uplifting Funny Hindi Sher-o-shayari that will leave you with a smile on your face and a question in your head – who the hell could write something like this. Well, here’s the answer. Most of it is original. Written by our expert comedians and some are handpicked from the most authentic and mind boggling comic spaces. As you read this Hindi Shayri, you will realise how easy it is to laugh out loud and make all that day today stress disappear with simple funny Shayari SMS. This huge bank of shayari comprises of sher about love, friendship, husband wife, daily chores, day today humour, unnecessary discussions, office fun, professional jokes, funny incidents, boys v/s girls drama and an uncontrollable outflow of laughter and madness. The best and funniest joke shayaris in town are just a click away. No matter where you are, how stressed and work trodden you are, one shayari, pick any, and we promise to ease your life load more than you expected. As you share these shayaris through SMS, be rest assured that you are brightening someone’s day along with yours. Read, recite and share these awesome sher-o-shayari on SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Show all your 32 teeth and enjoy world’s best humorous shayari thereby making your dentist proud. This collection is a salute to all those PJ masters, fokat shayar and mind boggling lovers, who can pick out a joke from a serious form like shayari. As you read this superb list of SMS shayari jokes, we just want to say that Entertainment to the fullest is guaranteed. Fun shayaris on love, life, relationships and all the melodrama happening around the world. Like they rightly say, laughter is the best medicine, so laugh out loud and release all your stress by reading and sharing the most awesome collection of funny shayaris. It’s time to crack up with jokes you have never heard before. From Majnu’s style to Laila’s smile, from auntyji’s drama to love life hungama, tickle your funny bone and get started for a hilarious ride.

Hindi Jokes Dhamaka!

Hindi hamari rashtrabhasha hai, aur isme jokes sunne aur sunaane ka apna hi ek nasha hai.
Tickle your funny bone with our out of the box Hindi Jokes that will make you roll on the floor laughing. Jokes about love, life, relationships, confusions, crazy words and their meanings, men, women, country and much more to keep you laughing all the way through.
So download your laughter machine right away and start giggling, smiling, LOLing and ROFLing with friends and family. Because jokes in your own language have their own charm they say. Bring on the humour and stay happy each day.
Statutory warning: Some jokes might be so funny; you might laugh to dizziness and get unconscious. Read at your own risk.

Good Morning SMS Greetings

A bright beautiful morning, a colourful gold studded dawn, send a special wish to your loved one, as you wake up each day with a yawn! Presenting a collection of handpicked Good Morning SMS Greetings in English and Hindi that will surely make your mornings beautiful and once your day begins with a smile, brightening the day of your loved ones won't take more than a while. So if anyone is low, struggling through difficult times, needs a little hope or just a realisation that someone somewhere is concerned, your SMS text could do wonders. Spread smiles, share blessings and let people close to your heart know what you mean to them. All this with just a simple Good Morning Message!

Happy Birthday Greetings SMS

There’s nothing more special then a Birthday! Every birthday is a day when you are gifted with another brand new year to live, to rejoice, to love and make all your dreams come true. Birthdays are days to let people close to your heart know how special they are. So open your hearts and share the most creative, personalized, exclusive and heartfelt Birthday wishes you would have ever read. This is your Birthday bundle for life- Friends, niece, ex-boyfriend, dad, aunt, teacher, boss...be it anyone’s birthday, you are sure to find a perfect wish anytime anywhere. Just scroll through these greetings and send the best one to make someone’s day special. Carry this extensive greeting gallery in your pockets wherever you go.

And they, that’s not all!

Birthday greetings also offers you –
* Over 60 categories to choose from.
* SMS classified in many categories so you find the right one quick.
* One-Click Share for every message. Send message as SMS, Status, Mail, IM etc.
* Quick traversal to any page in a category by clicking on the page number.
* Messages are fetched from internet, hence you keep getting fresh content.
* Share app with your friends with one click.

So what are you waiting for? Explore world’s most categorized and creative Birthday Greeting SMS and add a charm to every birthday wish you send. Make it a ‘Happy Birthday’ indeed!

List of Categories :
- Belated Birthday SMS
- Birthday Aunt SMS
- Birthday Baby Boy SMS
- Birthday Baby Girl SMS
- Birthday Boss SMS
- Birthday Boyfriend SMS
- Birthday Boys SMS
- Birthday Brother SMS
- Birthday Brother-In-Law SMS
- Birthday Business Partner SMS
- Birthday Christians SMS
- Birthday Client SMS
- Birthday Co-worker SMS
- Birthday Colleague SMS
- Birthday Cousin Brother SMS
- Birthday Cousin Sister SMS
- Birthday Customer SMS
- Birthday Daughter SMS
- Birthday Daughter-In-Law SMS
- Birthday Employee SMS
- Birthday Employer SMS
- Birthday Ex-Boyfriend SMS
- Birthday Ex-Girlfriend SMS
- Birthday Facebook SMS
- Birthday Far Away SMS
- Birthday Father SMS
- Birthday Father-In-Law SMS
- Birthday Fiance SMS
- Birthday Fiancee SMS
- Birthday Friends SMS
- Birthday Girlfriend SMS
- Birthday Girls SMS
- Birthday God Daughter SMS
- Birthday God Father SMS
- Birthday God Mother SMS
- Birthday God Son SMS
- Birthday Grand Daughter SMS
- Birthday Grand Son SMS
- Birthday Grandfather SMS
- Birthday Grandmother SMS
- Birthday Husband SMS
- Birthday Kids SMS
- Birthday Lover SMS
- Birthday Manager SMS
- Birthday Mother SMS
- Birthday Mother-In-Law SMS
- Birthday Nephew SMS
- Birthday Niece SMS
- Birthday Old People SMS
- Birthday Religious SMS
- Birthday Seniors SMS
- Birthday Sister SMS
- Birthday Sister-In-Law SMS
- Birthday Someone Special SMS
- Birthday Son SMS
- Birthday Son-In-Law SMS
- Birthday Student SMS
- Birthday Teacher SMS
- Birthday Uncle SMS
- Birthday Wife SMS
- English Birthday Greetings
- Hindi Birthday Greetings
- Marathi Birthday SMS Greetings

Marathi Jokes -Hasa Manasokta!

Hasnyacha ajun tari laagat naahi tax, raha dhashta pushta ani hasa to the max!
Marathi jokes to take you to a different level of high with laughter and entertainment non-stop. Give your Marathi blood a super boost of humour that will keep your funny bone refreshed all the time. A superb collection of jokes on people, places, relationships, interesting fundas of life, crazy thoughts and crazier lifestyles. Live the local flavour with Marathi jokes that you can’t resist sharing with everyone in your circle. No matter where you are, what you are doing and how you feel, each of these jokes is sure to make you laugh out louder than you have ever imagined.
So leave all the stress, chaos and deadlines for a while – and enjoy this Marathi madness to the fullest.
Marathi Manoos Jaaga Ho!

Ayurveda Tips & Home Remedies

Be it a headache, sprain in the ankle or a bad cold, a simple Ayurveda tip will ease out all your health problems with the blink of an eye. An effective system of traditional home-made medicines and remedies to cure any and every problem. Be it a beauty related issue or an internal uneasiness, you will find a solution to almost everything right here. With the increased stress and pollution, make sure your health, beauty and wellness is taken care of from head to toe. These easy to follow ayurvedic remedies hold the age old secrets of Indian medicine that can treat almost all the ailments. So read, share and follow these miraculous Ayurveda Tips and welcome a healthy and happy life with open arms.

Vastu Tips from Experts

Explore the sacred Indian science of Vastu Shastra and keep your home away from all sorts of negative energies with this free guide of Vastu Tips from experts. This shastra has the power to improve the deteriorating conditions of your house and bring in energies of calmness and prosperity. Follow these simple, easy to follow steps in your daily lifestyle and you would see the life of your family changing for good. These tips are tried and tested and come from the most renowned Vastu Shastra experts. Be it a house, office, industrial organisation or public institution - make the success flow inwards and evils thrown outwards with these essential Vastu Tips. It’s time to bring harmony to life.

Gulzar Ki Shayari Ka Sama!

"Kuch kisse taraashe hain maine. Tootenge toh kahani banegi."
- Gulzar
Gulzar is not just a name – he is brilliance, he is poetry, he is the beautiful bond of imagination and sensitivity. Read the most celebrate short shayaris of Gulzar Saab and get drenched in the world of poetic bliss. His sensitivity and lyrical quality makes his shayari stand apart and gives an immense sense of completeness to the reader. We bring to you Gulzar’s handpicked verses from his various collections. Out of the world imagery, interesting choice of words and a keen closeness to nature gives Gulzar his popularity and fan following. Read, recite and share these amazing shayaris to impress people wherever you go. Carry his poetry in your pockets! Experience poetry like never before and witness Gulzar saab at his best.

Indian Festivals Greetings SMS

Explore the true meaning and significance of traditional rituals with these handcrafted Festive SMS Greetings in English, Hindi and other languages. From January to December, no matter how big or small the festival is, a perfectly creative SMS greeting is waiting to be shared with your family and friends. Every festival brings with it truckloads of happiness, memories, luck and blessings – our messages is a celebration of all these little things in life that makes the festivities of India special. So be it Dusshera, Diwali, Eid, Holi, Baisakhi or Onam...hundreds of heartfelt wishes wrapped in beautiful words are waiting to be discovered and shared. Every time you send an SMS wish on some festival, be rest assured you are making an exceptional place in the heart of that special someone who means the world to you. So send your wishes with an open heart and broad smile to everyone whose day you want to make special. And in return the amount of blessings and satisfaction you will get is unexplainable. Celebrate each day of life with these festive greetings and make life an ongoing celebration!

Happy Festivities!

Features :
* Over 52 categories to choose from.
* SMS categorized as per languages.
* SMS classified in many categories so you find the right one quick.
* One-Click Share for every message. Send message as SMS, Status, Mail, IM etc.
* Quick traversal to any page in a category by clicking on the page number.
* Messages are fetched from internet, hence you keep getting fresh content.
* Share app with your friends with one click.

List of Categories :
- Akshay Tritiya SMS Greetings
- Akshay Tritiya SMS in Hindi
- Baisakhi Greetings SMS
- Basant Panchami Greetings
- Bhai Dooj Greetings SMS
- Buddha Jayanti SMS in English
- Buddha Jayanti SMS in Hindi
- Chhath Puja SMS Greetings
- Christmas Greetings
- Dhanteras Greetings SMS
- Diwali SMS In English
- Diwali SMS In Hindi
- Durga Puja SMS In English
- Durga Puja SMS In Hindi
- Dusshera SMS In English
- Dusshera SMS in Hindi
- Easter Greetings SMS
- Eid SMS in English
- Eid SMS in Hindi
- Gandhi Jayanti SMS
- Ganesh Chaturthi SMS in English
- Ganesh Chaturthi SMS in Hindi
- Good Friday Greetings SMS
- Govardhan Puja SMS
- Gudi Padwa SMS in English
- Gudi Padwa SMS in Marathi
- Guru Purnima SMS Greetings
- Guru Nanak Jayanti SMS
- Hanuman Jayanti SMS Greetings
- Holi SMS in English
- Holi SMS in Hindi
- Karwachauth SMS Greetings
- Krishna Janmashtami SMS
- Lakshmi Pooja SMS
- Mahashivratri SMS Greetings
- Mahashivratri SMS in Hindi
- Mahavir Jayanti SMS Greetings
- Naag Panchami SMS
- Narak Chaturdashi SMS
- Navratri Kolu SMS
- Navratri SMS in English
- Navratri SMS in Hindi
- Onam SMS In English
- Onam SMS In Malayalam
- Pongal SMS Greetings
- Rakhi SMS in English
- Rakhi SMS in Hindi
- Ramzan SMS in English
- Ramzan SMS in Hindi
- Sankranti SMS Greetings
- Ugadi SMS Greetings
- Vishu SMS in English
- Vishu SMS in Malayalam

Facebook Status Store

When thoughts are many and words are few, we’ll find a special status message for you.
So the next time Facebook asks you ‘What’s on your mind?’ don’t bother that poor brain already stuck in a zillion different worries. Get help from your mobile instead! Presenting thousands of interesting, creative, cheerful, inspirational, casual, flirty, funny, facebookish Status messages that will fit your mood moulds perfectly. Speak your mind the intellectual way and get continuous likes and wowing comments every day.
So are you ready to read your thoughts in our words? Download the most extensive and entertaining collection of Facebook Status Messages and leave your impression not just on FB but also on the minds of people who witness your wall. It’s time to redefine your Facebook Status Symbol!

Bhagvad Gita Daily Thought

"Of all creations I am the beginning and the end and also the middle, O Arjuna. Of all sciences I am the spiritual science of theself, and among logicians I am the conclusive truth. (10.32)"

One thought from the Bhagwad Gita a day, will surely take all your worries and confusions away! Presenting the best of 700–verse Bhagvad Gita, a Dharmic scripture that is part of the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. Get enlightened every day with the conversations between Pandava, prince Arjuna and Krishna on a variety of philosophical issues. As you read these Bhagwad Geeta Quotes, you will realise that a lot of solutions to your day today problems are hidden in these verses. That’s not all; these verses teach you the basics of life to lay a strong foundation on which absolutely anything can be built. So keep referring to this ‘Spiritual Dictionary’ and live each day with more courage, confidence and stability. May you find all answers to life’s questions here!

Broken Heart and Break up SMS

Love brings with it, smiles happiness and fun
But when heart breaks, it destroys everyone.

You know what we mean if your heart was ever broken in life, if you were every left in the lonely darkness of memories, if the love of your life chose a different path without thinking of you. Heartbreaks are common, but each person suffers them differently - some pretend to get out of it and for some it leaves a lifelong scar on their hearts. Presenting an exclusive collection of Breakup messages to celebrate your pain and get done with it. You can share these messages with the one who has broken your heart or send it to someone who has just had a breakup. There are certain truths of life hidden in here that might change your perspective altogether giving you a new point of view. Though it seems like, life doesn't end with heartbreak, the pain might be unbearable but wisdom becomes your true friend. So read these words of wisdom and understand the hidden secrets of breakups, also find courage to overcome them. A collection of the most creative breakup messages awaits you. A must read for everyone. They aren't merely messages, they are experiences of life! May your break up evolve you into a stronger and wiser person. Amen!

Human Body and Food Facts

Did you know all babies are colour-blind when they are born? And did you know the enamel on a person’s tooth is the hardest thing in their body? Explore the anatomy of your body and also know the most interesting food facts that bring about changes in your system. A brilliant collection of information that will not just add to your general knowledge but will also keep you amused and entertained all through. With the right application of these interesting human body and food facts, you can actually stay away from many problems, both physical and psychological. These facts are collected from all across the globe and we bet you can’t resist sharing them.
So put on your scientist cape and get ready to download world’s most interesting collection of Human Body and Food Facts.

Good Night SMS Greetings

Sometimes simply saying Good Night or Sweet Dreams is not enough, sometimes there’s much more you wish to convey to people close to your heart, and those are the times when a simple good night message can make all the difference! Presenting a collection of handpicked Good Night SMS Greetings that could make someone’s evening special and give a relaxed end to a stressful day. These Good Night Messages are sometimes heart touching to convey your special feelings, sometimes funny to make your friends smile before they sleep and sometimes inspirational to give you courage and confidence in all walks of life. So browse through these lovely bits of entertaining messages and sleep well for another beautiful day.

Osho - Treasure of Wisdom!

"Meditation is not escaping from life: it is escaping into life." – Osho
He is a mystic who operates out of logic and practicality. He is beyond the rights and wrongs of the world. He believes in abundance, free flow – of love, of energy, of being. He is the greatest spiritual master – Osho. We take this opportunity to enlighten you with the most intelligent and free spirited quotes by Acharya Rajneesh that will take you to an all new world within yourself. A world full of wisdom and free will. Dive in this divine pool of self-realization and hear the thoughts of this professor of philosophy. Many controversies have been attached to Osho but his belief in his own thought process stays unmoved till date. No wonder he has such a huge national and international following. Read the most interesting quotes by Osho sprinkled with humor and reality. We bet you will take back a better clarity of mind. Osho quotes will not just give you a soothing dose of daily Osho thoughts, but will also help you get a clear perspective on many aspects of living. Osho world offers innumerable paths to reach peace and the best part about these quotations is that they are all supported by a logic we cannot deny. If you have ever been to the Osho ashram or read about it, you will know that many souls have found the art of living through these simple yet powerful thoughts of Osho. No, he doesn’t preach, not like the other self proclaimed Gods. He makes you believe that you are just another human being like him and that you have the right to live and love and pamper your senses thereby discarding all the pressures of society. These quotes are like a tarot of Osho that will give you clues and wisdom of future and will grant peace for the past and present. Know the true meaning of meditation and silence, evolve within and get in a state of total sanynyas, the Osho way. A way where you need not sacrifice or suppress anything, but live it so much that you are in total sync with your desires and their nature. Nourish your senses with these Osho quotes that talk about meditation, awareness, creativity, humour, courage and many other qualities that are suppressed by society and religious traditions.

Share the wisdom through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Pass the Osho bliss to everyone in your circle.

Welcome to the meditative bliss of Osho’s Treasure of Wisdom.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes SMS

Anniversary – that special day when two people celebrate their togetherness and love and everyone close to them salute this companionship with heartfelt greetings. Celebrate Anniversaries of all special people in your life by sending them the most creative, personalized and exclusive anniversary SMS Greetings ever. Let them know what their being together means to you and how fondly you think of them on their special day. A perfect Anniversary SMS pack with hundreds of messages categorized extensively to make each greeting seem like you have just scripted it. So be it an anniversary day of your daughter and son in law or your grandparents, friends or uncle and aunt, there is a special message waiting for everyone. We bet your message is not just going to make your loved ones feel special but will also make them feel blessed all day through. So waste no more time and pick this Anniversary SMS Greetings pack right away. Keep sending messages as and when you remember anniversaries and count your blessings with each smile you bring on someone’s face.
It’s time to say ‘Happy Anniversary’ in a creative and unusual way!

Features :
* Over 16 categories to choose from.
* SMS classified in many categories so you find the right one quick.
* One-Click Share for every message. Send message as SMS, Status, Mail, IM etc.
* Quick traversal to any page in a category by clicking on the page number.
* Messages are fetched from internet, hence you keep getting fresh content.
* Share app with your friends with one click.

List of Categories :
- 25th Anniversary SMS
- 50th Anniversary SMS
- Anniversary Jokes SMS
- Anniversary SMS For Brother And Sister In law
- Anniversary SMS For Daughter And Son In Law
- Anniversary SMS For Friends
- Anniversary SMS For Grandparents
- Anniversary SMS for Husband
- Anniversary SMS For Parents
- Anniversary SMS For Sister and Brother In Law
- Anniversary SMS For Son And Daughter In Law
- Anniversary SMS For Uncle And Aunt
- Anniversary SMS for Wife
- Anniversary SMS Greetings
- Anniversary SMS In Hindi

Art Of Living Sutras

Peace, love, happiness, calm, ease, silence, meditation and life. Get to know the secrets to interact with yourself and soothe your soul with life. Presenting the most powerful daily life sutras by the Art Of Living fame – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of a unique breathing technique – Sudarshan Kriya. Read these sutras each and every day and experience a new awakening in a brighter way. Experience the journey within and understand the essence of life with these inspirational sutras. Stay blessed and make the most of every sutra that comes your way. Lives can change for good with beautiful thoughts, may your life find its way to solace. Jai Gurudev!

Best of Baba Ramdev!

Get in touch with the spiritual Guru, Baba Ramdev, through a wonderful collection of his quotes, health and ayurveda tips, yogasanas and much more. Enjoy simple blessings of life by making convenient changes in your day today living. Be it a headache or a stressful day, Baba Ramdev will offer you a solution to every problem. Not just that, learn simple yoga and perform it at home to get rid of aches and pains. Baba Ramdev is not just a spiritual leader known for his contributions in ayurveda, politics and agriculture, but is also best known for making yoga and meditation popular among the health conscious Indians through the medium of yoga camps and TV shows. His biggest contribution to the ayurved health industry has been his inspiration and guidance to the Patanjali group of institutions. The group of firms that produces herbal medicines without any side effects for health issues like cough, fever, cold, aches, infections and pains and provides beauty related treatments for issues like hair, skin and beauty problems. Though Ramdev has become an active advocate on Indian political issues, his thoughts on personal health, overcoming stress through yoga, basic lifestyle changes for a better living and regaining the peace of mind will continue to impress you. So if you are not able to attend yoga camps by Ramdev Baba or couldn’t get tickets for Ramdev Baba yoga camp, just open your mobile and read from the huge collection of Ramdev Baba quotes, health tips, meditation techniques, household and simple yoga remedies. Practised intense self discipline and medication can help you get rid of common yet high risk issues like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, thyroid, heart problems and much more. Share these tips and quotes with your loved ones through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Always remember, sharing a good thought cures half the stress. Though you haven’t been able to reach the Divya Yog Mandir Trust, by sharing these day today life yoga and ayurved quotes and remedies, you are doing your bit for the society. A healthy, stress-free and satisfied life is waiting for you with open arms and Ramdev Baba is all set to take you on a spiritual flight day in day out. Have a great and peaceful life!
Categories include :
Baba Ramdev Quotes, Baba Ramdev Health Tips, Baba Ramdev Meditation Quotes, Baba Ramdev Yoga Remedies & Baba Ramdev Yoga and Quotes.

Special Days Greetings SMS

Valentine’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Labour Day, Father’s Day, New Years Day...it’s time to make every important day special with a heartfelt wish. Here’s presenting a huge collection of thoroughly categorized SMS greetings to share on special days throughout the year. So get, set for ongoing celebrations, put on your party pants and scroll through a variety of messages to find the best one for every occasion. Be it any day, a creatively crafted SMS greeting is sure to come your way. Impress your love on Valentine’s Day or tell your dad whatever you need to say, make a Friendship Day secret wish or share a New Year greeting in your special way. Whatever day it be, a perfect greeting from you is sure you make people close to your heart happy. Every message is scripted in a way that it not just suits the occasion perfectly, but also seems like handcrafted by yourself for that special someone. Some messages are funny, some are touching, some wacky, some naughty...but every messages conveys the feeling deep in your heart to your near and dear ones. So all you got to do is get this perfect pack of SMS Greetings for all days celebrated across the world and scroll through the categories to find a perfect message for a day you wish to celebrate. After all, each day of life is a celebration they say!

Features :
* Over 39 categories to choose from.
* SMS classified in many categories so you find the right one quick.
* One-Click Share for every message. Send message as SMS, Status, Mail, IM etc.
* Quick traversal to any page in a category by clicking on the page number.
* Messages are fetched from internet, hence you keep getting fresh content.
* Share app with your friends with one click.

List of Categories :
- Administrative Professionals Day SMS
- April Fool SMS in English
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One Liner Jokes Factory

Presenting 'The One Liner Jokes Factory' that will make sure you start and end your day laughing out loud. Read jokes about men, women, love, confusions, internet, kids, marriages, husbands, knives, wives, lives...huh...everything in just one line.
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Diwali Wishes, Greetings & SMS

Celebrate this auspicious festival of Diwali with the biggest collection of original, creative and well categorised collection of SMS Greetings. A superb combination of Dhanteras SMS, Narak Chaturdashi and Choti Diwali Greetings, Lakshmi Puja, Govardhan Puja and Bhaidooj SMS. So be it any date of Diwali festival in November 2013 calendar, all you need to do is pick up a handcrafted wish and send it to your loved ones around the world. The Hindu culture and tradition has a long history and Deepavali is considered to be the most pious and popular festival of the year. Lighting diyas, bursting fire crackers with a boom, buying gifts, playing cards with games like Teen Patti and rummy,shopping on best Diwali discounts, getting decked up in a Hindustani attire,preparing delicious Deepawali sweets and snacks like Chakli, Laddoos, Mixtures and Shakkarpara and exchanging greetings that express love and gratitude –that’s what Diwalee is all about. It is the homecoming celebration of Prabhu Shri Ram after he returned from 14 years of exile. As you go online shopping for gold and buying crackers, explore this wonderful collection of messages that are emotional, funny, formal and wacky to suit every relationship – be it family, boss and colleagues or the love for your life. As you read Diwali articles, listen to Diwali songs, perform Pooja Vidhis with Sampoorna Diwali Puja and go about chanting Maa Lakshmi mantras and Laxmi Pujan aarti and bhajans, let your near and dear ones know you are thinking of them fondly. Divali wishes will bring forth festive images from the memory lane and every Diwali SMS is sure to plant a smile wherever it goes. This festival of lights is not just an Indian day of celebration, people all over the world light up their lives with this fiesta. Diwali in India is worth an experience though. As Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth is honoured on this day, many people invest into real estate and buy gold on Dhanteras as this time is considered to be extremely auspicious. A brilliant fireworks display, creative rangoli, deeya arrangements and beautiful lanterns on every house is a common sight. The festival of Deepawali is associated with Lord Ram in North India, Devi Lakshmi in Gujarat, Shri Krishna in Nepal and Maa Kali in Bengal. So no matter where you are and what religion you follow, Diwali is a perfect time to come together and celebrate irrespective of all differences. This bunch of SMS greetings are in English and Hindi so that language is never a barrier to reach out to loved ones. It’s a Happy Diwali so we have special messages for Dhanatrayodashi or Dhanteras or Dhanwantari Triodasi, Narak Chaudas, Laxmi Pooja, Choti Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Bali Pratipada and Bhaidooj also called Bhayyaduj, Bhaubeej or Bhayitika. Pick up your phone and send awesome greetings anywhere in India and around the world.Wish you a Shubh Deepavali. May you be blessed!
A festive collection of SMS Greetings for Diwali, Dhateras, Lakshmi Puja, Narak Chaturdashi and Bhaidooj. Spread happiness this Diwali!