Roland Garros Live WallPaper

Découvrez cet étonnant Live Wallpaper sur le thème de Roland Garros.

Il réagit à vos actions en zoomant et dézoomant sur cette magnifique mosaïque d'images de plus de 100 mega pixels !!!

Cette image a été réalisée avec l'application PhotoPatch bientôt disponible, venez tester la ß : http://www.hoodbrains.com/2012/05/photopatch-est-disponible-en-version-beta/

Guide d'installation du papier peint-animé :

1. Installer l'application "Roland Garros Live Wallpaper".
2. Puis, sur l'écran d'accueil, appuyer longtemps sur une zone vide
3. Dans le menu qui s'affiche sélectionner 'Fond d'écran", puis fond d'écran animés.
4. Choisir "Roland Garros Live Wallpaper"
5. Valider en avec le bouton "sélectionner""


Weathy is a simple weather app.
Choose your location and you are ready.
Weathy offers 5 days forecast by three hours .
Data is provided by OpenWeatherMap http://openweathermap.org/
The beautiful climacons you can find in the app are from de Adam Witcroft http://adamwhitcroft.com/climacons/

ASO SERP Keyword Tracker

You are an app developer? Want to know how you rank on a search playstore you or your competitors?
You do not have any applications but want to see how does your future competitors on some search?

ASO SERP Keyword Tracker is an a must have an android developer tool.
It allows you to quickly check the position of an application in the search results of PlayStore an application on multiple keywords.

Simply add the application, its name and its package name.
Then add a keyword.
Then you will know quickly:
- If you are positioned on a keyword or not.
- At what rank.
- Your progress since the last time you checked.

Note that you can get a rank only if the app is under 48 in the results. Else you are ''Not Ranked".

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Some Advice

Remember to choose your keywords.
For example, if your application is for Android developers. We must speak their language suggests a concern and problems as they arise.

This can be very general, think of javascript console or aws console , xda develover ,python developer, amdroid java development.

Think about using words, use your main target, sdk manager ,sdk, sdk documentation
sdk emulator.

Finally, put yourself in their shoes if you can, and do the research that you have already done, felt needs, for exampledk documentation ,sdk emulator,aapk installer apk share,apk extractor, apkmania or apk editor.