Barcode is the ultimate solution for QR and barcode.
It performs amazingly well and recognizes all the bar-codes.The simple and intuitive interface is clean refreshing and easy to use.It saves both your time and money, shows you the very detailed information and possible lowest price of the products in online stores. Besides, you can almost do everything with it by simply scanning a barcode, such as call or text a friend, get connected to the WIFI, get your express mail or tickets information, find a place on your Google map and identify different business cards and add them to your address book etc. Let’s scan and get everything simply arranged.

☆Compare the prices of the products in online stores,
☆Save the phone number or email address to you address book directly
☆Call, email, or text a friend
☆Get the information of the WIFI, then you can connected to the WIFI with a click
☆Show you the detailed address of a place on the map with a click
☆Identify business cards of different formats and add them to your address book
☆Get the information of tickets and express mails
☆Share the information you get by sending a text and email or via your FaceBook or Twitter account
☆Add the activity you scanned to your schedule

Other features
☆Support almost all kinds of bar-codes
☆Add to favorites
☆View the history logs
☆No log in, simple to operate


VNC+ provides a simplest way for you to control your Windows or Mac using a mobile. It spends no more than 1 minute when you first set up. With clean interface, intuitive gestures and no latency, it is very easy to install and operate, even friendly for non-geeks. While lying in bed or taking a break on your front porch, even in a business meeting, VNC+ ports your desktop power and storage directly to your mobile device. VNC also supports multiple computers on your home or business network. Assist family members with their Internet troubles, watch a video stored on your host computer, or remotely play your favorite games, all on your mobile. VNC+ makes it possible that you can appear in two places at one time!


✫✫Direct Connection✫✫

Marrying the accessibility and convenience of the mobile to the higher storage and processing powers of the personal computer, VNC+ acts as a direct bridge between your tablet and desktop. Manipulate office documents, sort your files, and watch "computer-only" web content while lying on your hammock or sitting at the dinner table.

✫✫Multiple OS's? We get you covered.✫✫

Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, VNC+ installs easily and works seamlessly on your mobile. With incredible flexibility and a great depth of input functions built into the app, you can control, alt and command to satisfy your demands.

✫✫Smooth Operation✫✫

Set-up and use are both intuitive and powerful in VNC+. Add new connections, change the display resolution and use your fingers to edit files, open and run programs, or simply view what's on your desktop. Wherever your WIFI reaches, your mobile and computer are combined to one.

✫✫Multi-resolution support✫✫

VNC+ supports variable display resolutions, including full screen, 1:1, landscape and portrait modes. View your desktop in full retina quality.

✫✫Virtual Mouse✫✫
The gestures are intuitive, each of the mouse actions on the desktop can be achieved on your mobile by a easy gesture. Tap once for left-click, long press for right-click, two fingers to pinch in or out, three fingers drag to move the screen and so on.

VNC+ is the go-to app for at-home and business interoperability. Improve your productivity, enrich your entertainment, and right here experience pc-on-mobile with VNC+!