Wallpapers HD

“Wallpapers HD” is a cool new app that brings all the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your Android device.
Add the innovative Colors function, and you have the best free wallpaper app for your Android phone!

Wallpapers HD is the ideal solution to get free high resolution wallpapers, thanks to its unique features:
- All the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds! Free? Yes, that's right!
- The innovative, unprecedented "Colors" function allows you to sort the beautiful wallpapers based on your favourite color!
Get your black wallpaper or pink background, choose from amazing blue, black and white, green, dark wallpapers, get thousands of cool red, yellow, colorful backgrounds. Free on your Android phone!
- You can find the best and most popular Android wallpapers in the world, thanks to the advanced wallpaper ranking system.
- New cool wallpapers are added every week.
- With the "Lucky!" button, you can try your luck fishing your cool free wallpapers in the entire, vast collection of images.
- All HD wallpapers can be sorted by category: abstract wallpapers, nature wallpapers, flower wallpapers, sea, sky, animals, beach wallpapers, texture, vintage and many more!

Other images include: landscape, tiger, texture, love wallpapers, animals, sky, flowers, heart, graffiti, ocean, horse, sunset, design wallpapers, cars, forest, funny wallpapers.

What are you waiting for? Get your cool HD wallpapers on your Android mobile device now, it's free!

**What our users say - Thank you for your continued support!**

This is by far the best wallpaper application! Every wallpaper app that I used look horrible, except these. I would pay $10 for this. Awesome! - by Joe

I'm very hard to please when it comes to wallpapers. This is hands down the best app with the best selections. 5 stars - by Devin

Excellent app. Easy to use interface, with tons of beautiful wallpapers. - by Michael

The best app out in the market - by Mohammad
This is the first time I ever write a review, coz I liked this app a lot... Trust me if you are looking for wallpapers I guess this is the best!

Amazing! hundreds of incredible wallpapers. Get it right now! - by Mark

Excellent app. Crystal clear images. I deleted all my other apps after using this ... - by craig

I downloaded 5 different wallpaper apps. Not only does this app have the best pics it is, without a doubt, the most user friendly... Thanx, From Texas - by Sherri

Looooooveee this app! Awesome awesome backgrounds and one of the few that actually works! - by Lauren

What's not to love? - by Jonathan
If you're looking for a wallpaper app that works fast, has great wallpapers, and integrates well with the OS. Look no further..

Love this app! Especially the feature that allows you to search for wallpaper by a specific color :-) - by Jerisha

Stunning - by Chad & Renee
I love that you can search by color as well, often everything is pink...ICK! Vivid colors and great variety. Really fun and exciting.

Love this app...I change my screen all the time. Great pictures - by Mechelle

Great app! - by Yael
These wallpapers never run out! If you get tired of one you have around a bazillion more pretty cool ones to choose from! :)

It's the best one I have found so far. Pretty pictures and fits the screen great. - by Lillian

HELP OUT - Blocks Game

Are you ready for the challenge?

Help Out is a simple yet incredibly addictive free puzzle game. The goal is to get your block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Sounds easy? Try it now!

As you complete the different levels of the game, you will accumulate achievements and bonuses that will let you gain points and unblock new, surprising themes and levels.
Each of the levels requires skill, logic, and patience. New and challenging levels will be added regularly as you progress in this free Android puzzle game.

Help Out is a blocks game that stands out for its customization options: you can customize the look of each game by choosing your favourite theme and personalize your game experience.
Choose your favourite theme and start playing today! Do you have what it takes to complete all levels, solve the challenging puzzles and unblock all the themes?

Help Out will provide you with hours of free fun and new challenges every day. Are you ready to train your brain, exercise your mind and find a way to solve all the levels?
If you like addictive puzzle games and block games like Tetris, Connect 4, Mahjong, Jewels, Shoot Bubble, Bonsai Blast, Reversi, Sudoku, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Words with Friends, Math games, Bubble games, Word games etc., then Help Out is the game for you.

Get this FREE Android game now!

Some of the surprising and beautiful themes included in the game:

1- Unblock Cute Blocks
2- Unblock Glow
3- Unblock Sushi
4- Unblock Asphalt
5- Unblock Wooden Blocks (Classic)
6- Unblock Farm
7- Unblock Sunset
8- Unblock Yin-Yang
9- More coming with updates!

Help Out is extremely fun and addictive, but it's also a great brain training game. You will need all your skills and patience to complete the levels, solve the puzzles and unlock all the themes. Only the brave will survive! :)

Do you like the challenge of block games? Do you want to have hours of fun with a great free puzzle game? Do you love logic and skill games?

If you enjoy puzzle and brain training games like Bubble Break, Backgammon, Slice It, Word Search, Brain Test, Connect Four, Chess and Chinese Chess, Minesweeper, Dropwords, Brain Trainer, Brain Age Test and matching games, then Help Out will provide you with hours and hours of free challenges and fun!

We really hope you enjoy the game, try to complete as many levels as possible and share your achiements with your friends!


TIC TAC TOE is the best version of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game for Android. Get it now while it's free!

This incredibly popular game is also known as Noughts and Crosses (Naughts and Crosses), TicTacToe, Tick tack toe, X and O (Xs and Os), OXO, Tic-tac-toe or Tit-tat-toe.

In Tic Tac Toe, two players take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid with X and O marks. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row wins the game.

Tic Tac Toe is a simple but fun game to exercise your brain. Whether you're spending time with kids or standing in line, Tic Tac Toe is a great way to pass the time. Let the fun begin!

Tic Tac Toe supports one player and two players gameplay.

Have fun playing against your Android device (AI opponent) in single player mode, or challenge your friends and see who's the best TicTacToe player in the 2 players mode.

Tic Tac Toe features additional grid sizes for an even greater challenge. In addition to the classic 3x3 Tic Tac Toe grid, 5x5, 7x7 and 9x9 grids are also available. The larger the grid, the bigger the challenge!

Stop wasting paper. Download this game now and play Tic Tac Toe on your Android device for free!

Game Features:

- 1 Player and 2 Players modes
- 4 different grid sizes: 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9
- Play the classic Tic Tac Toe on a 3x3 grid...
- ...or try a completely new challenge on one of the larger grids!
- Place 3 marks in a row to win the classic Tic Tac Toe game on a 3x3 grid
- Place 4 marks in a row to win on the 5x5 grid
- Place 5 marks in a row to win the game on the massive 7x7 or 9x9 TicTacToe grids
- Choose from multiple X and O marks and background colors to customize your game
- Simple touchscreen interface
- User stats against each grid size
- Superb Graphics
- Fully optimized for both Android phones and tablets

Tic Tac Toe for Android is one of the top free apps because you get exactly what you want - a classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts or Crosses).

What are you waiting for?

Download Tic Tac Toe and challenge your friends now!

Plumber Land

Plumber Land is a free addictive puzzle game.

Your goal is to turn the different colored pipes in the right direction and connect them together to form a complete pipeline.
When you create a pipe, one of your lovely dragons will finally be able to drink.

Plumber Land features a totally new game play, lovely dragons and hundreds of entertaining levels.

Your dragons are cute, colorful, and thirsty. Help them survive!

Be careful: the blue dragon will only accept a blue drink, the red dragon will only drink from a red pipe and so on...
Make sure you match the right color to the corresponding dragon!

As an expert plumber, you'll have to join pipes and mix colors to create new color combinations.
The number of dragons and colors will increase as you progress in the game, making it very challenging to make all dragons happy.

Sounds easy? Try it now!

With Plumber Land, you have to use your brain and put your visual thinking to work in order to solve the challenging levels and become a dragon-saving plumber.

Rotate pipes, solve puzzles and get to know the fun, colourful world of Plumber Land!

Game features:

- 2 game modes
- Hours of fun
- Innovative gameplay
- Intuitive controls
- Stunning HD graphics
- Hundreds of exciting levels!
- Solve all the challenging levels in Puzzle Mode
- Be fast and solve as many levels as you can in Time Mode

What are you waiting for? Download Plumber Land now!

Jewels Blast

Play the newest match game from the makers of the super hit apps, Candy Jewels and Candy Ninja!

Are you a super fan of diamond and bubble games? If the answer is yes, download JEWELS BLAST now!

 JEWELS BLAST is an exciting and challenging gem-matching game, featuring addictive gameplay, tons of  special powers and amazing blast effects!

 Match as many gems as possible, use incredible powers, compete against your friends! Burst large groups of blocks like a giant bubble and create powerful combos. Can you reach all goals?

 JEWELS BLAST is a color-rich explosion of jewels-matching, diamond-tapping fun.

 ★★ Once you start, you can't stop. Try this super addictive diamond game now! ★★
How to play
- Match and burst two or more identical blocks
- Match gems fast to activate the special Blast Mode. Feel the adrenaline!
- Use special powers to get tons of extra points and smash the high score
- Compete against your Facebook friends!
Game features
★ Vibrant HD graphics and amazing visual effects
★ Fast-paced, action-packed gameplay
★ Easy to learn, hard to put down!
★ 7 game modes
★ Breathtaking Blast Mode 
★ Play to get coins and buy special boosters!
★ Challenge your Facebook friends and beat their high score!
★ Ask your friends for extra time or extra moves!

 Enjoy this wonderfully exciting arcade experience, download JEWELS BLAST now!

Plumber Flow

PLUMBER FLOW is a simple yet addictive puzzle game, try it now!
Your goal is to connect the various colored pipes to form complete pipelines of the right colors and feed your lovely dragons.
With 400 levels, PLUMBER FLOW provides an incredible amount of fun to anyone who loves creative challenges and exciting puzzle games.
Train  your brain and put your logical skills to work. Turn the pipes in the right direction to match the dragons' colors, solve each puzzle in PLUMBER FLOW!
Sometimes you'll need to mix 2 colors to get the color you need. Sounds easy? Try it now!
Game Features:
★ Enhance your brain and logical skills!
★ Easy to learn and fun to play!
★ 400 exciting, mind-twisting levels = many hours of free fun!
★ Colorful HD graphics and super-cute animations
★ Suitable for both adults and kids!
★ Wonderful sound effects
★ Compete with your friends and see who can complete the game first!
★ Relaxed and joyful atmosphere, addictive gameplay
★ Great for tablets
What are you waiting for?
Take care of your lovely dragons. Download this free, amazing puzzle game now. Enjoy PLUMBER FLOW!

Fruit Jewels

Are you a fan of jewels-matching games? If the answer is yes, FRUIT JEWELS is the perfect game for you!

FRUIT JEWELS is a classic jewels-matching game with many new exciting features, awesome visual effects and special power-ups. Once you start, you can't stop!

The orders are in. In this game you run a fruit factory, but not a standard one. You are not selling simple fruits, you are selling fruit jewels. Swap the beautifully designed fruits, match them and create powerful combos. Build your own fruit-licious empire!

As the fame of your fruit factory spreads around the world, orders from your clients will become increasingly big and difficult to fulfill.

You will need all your skills and expertise to keep delighting your clients and keep growing your business into the ultimate fruit jewels empire.

As you progress in the game you will unlock new and exciting game modes. Will you be able to master them all?

Unlimited challenging and creative fun!

FRUIT JEWELS is a simple but extremely fun match 3 game. It is the ultimate time pass, a glorious explosion of fun and a joy for your eyes.

By playing this casual game you will find yourself addicted to swapping the shiny and juicy fruit jewels.

The game adds several creative innovations to the popular gem-matching puzzle game genre, with 4 game modes, cool power-ups and challenging objectives.


- Swap jewels to match 3 or more identical jewels and eliminate them

- Match more than 3 jewels to activate special power-ups and create devastating combos

- Push the chest towards the bottom of the screen to get extra points and reach your objectives faster!


- 4 game modes guarantee a great variety of entertaining challenges: FRUIT TIME, FRUIT MOVES, FRUIT TRAIN, FRUIT RELAX

- FRUIT TIME: reach the target score before time runs out!

- FRUIT MOVES: reach the target score before you run out of moves!

- FRUIT TRAIN: a fast paced, thrilling game mode

- FRUIT RELAX: Time to enjoy the beautiful graphics and chill out

- Amazing power ups that make the game even more exciting

- Stunning graphics, fluid animations and gorgeous visual effects

- Easy to play, hard to stop!

FRUIT JEWELS has lots of great features make the game uniquely interesting and challenging.

You will love the fun, creativity and excitement of this great casual game.

What are you waiting for? Download FRUIT JEWELS now!

4 in a Row: Connect!

"4 in a Row: Connect!" is a classic Connect Four game.

This universally popular puzzle game is also known as 4 in a Row, 4 in a Line, 4 Up, Captain's Mistress, Plot Four, Find 4 or Four Up.

It's a simple but challenging game to pass the time and exercise your brain playing against a human or AI opponent.

The goal of 4 in a Row is to connect 4 of your own discs of the same color in a line either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before your opponent.

Players take turns dropping colored discs from the top into a vertical grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupying the next available space within the column.

Connect Four lets you play with 5 difficulty levels of computer AI.
The Easy level is pretty simple but the Expert mode is extremely challenging and hard to beat!

4 in a Row also provides a Player vs. Player mode. Challenge your friends in multiple games and see who's the champion!

Game Features:
- 5 different difficulty levels, from Beginner to Expert
- Player vs. Player mode
- Multiple discs and background colors
- Simple and intuitive touchscreen interface
- Superb Graphics
- User stats against each difficulty level
- Designed for both Phone and Tablet

What are you waiting for?

Download this fun casual game, user your mind and challenge your friends.

Connect 4 discs in a row and win!

Unblock Jewels

Train your Brain and amass your own Treasure!

Help Out Jewels is a simple, very addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the jewel out by sliding the other gems out of the way. You can start but you'll never be able to stop!

Challenge yourself with thousands of unique, new and original levels designed specifically for Help Out Jewels!

Diamond, Ruby, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli... Collect all the jewels, have fun and build your own treasure!

Like the incredibly successful Help Out, Help Out Jewels features a great number of beautiful, stylish, surprising graphical themes and designs.

As you complete more levels and solve the challenging puzzles, you will unlock new levels and discover beautiful jewels. As you progress in the game you will be able to choose your favourite theme from an increasing number of gems.

YOU will decide how every game is going to look like, unlock all the jewels to improve your great collection!

Have fun, exercise your mind, train your brain and use your skills to build your own collection of astonishing jewels!

If you like brain training games, logic games, math games, jewels, sudoku and other mind challenging games, you will love Help Out Jewels.
As you progress in the game, puzzles will become increasingly difficult and the solutions will require all your skills and patience, but you can bet the prize is worth it!

Enjoy the stunning graphics and collect as many gemstones as possible!

Do you have what it takes to solve all the puzzles?

We hope you'll like Help Out Jewels as much as we liked developing it, thank you for your support!

Incredible Castle

Once you start you'll never stop! Try this new amazing game and share your achievements with your friends!
Incredible Castle is a highly addictive game that takes the popular match-3 games to a whole new level of fun and engagement.

Everything is peaceful and quiet in your ancient kingdom... One day, misterious monsters and strange creatures appear, bringing destruction and fear among the lovely inhabitants of your realm!

As the King, your task is to guide your realm to the next stage of civilization. To succeed in this challenging task, you'll have to use all your wisdom and strategic skills. 

Incredible Castle offers an incredibly rich and entertaining game experience, a fun challenge to gamers of any kind.

- Match 3 or more tiles to upgrade your buildings and advance your civilization, collect bonuses and build the best village of the realm. You can make it!
- Plan your constructions carefully to create magnificent buildings and avoid running out of building space!
- Build temples to access the power of the Mighty Thunder, and upgrade them to face your enemies with powerful thunderstorms.
- Get rid of the monsters that stand in the way of completing your plans!
- Collect coins and use them to buy new, exclusive buildings. Make your village special, unique, outstanding and colorful!
- Share your achievements with your friends and invite them to compete and create their own Incredible Castle!

Who's going to build the best castle?
Every game is going to be new and unique, with many diffferent options and strategies available to all players. Every choice you make is going to lead to a different outcome. Try your best to improve game after game and build the ultimate Castle!
Improve your strategic skills and planning abilities to become the ultimate King, with Incredible Castle you'll have hours of incredible fun!

Game features:

★ Original gameplay, match-3 game with a new incredible twist! ★
★ Many different building upgrades, allowing you to create unique and outstanding combinations ★
★ Incredible graphics and wonderful design ★
★ Great mix of strategy, puzzle, and casual games in one single game ★
★ Unique sharing features to share your achievements with your friends! ★
★ New upgrades and improvements will be added regularly ★


★Downloaded 7 Billion times on Saturn!★
★The game everyone on Venus is talking about★

Test your problem solving skills with this exciting game!

Numbers is a fun and addictive puzzle game. The goal of the game is simple: match 3 or more tiles of the same number to progress and reach the highest score!

A game can't get any simpler and more addicting than this!

Numbers has everything you need from a puzzle game:

★★Mind-twisting gameplay★★
★★Funny characters and animations★★
★★Easy to learn, hard to master★★
★★Simple graphics★★
★★Show us who's the genius!★★
★★Challenge your friends to beat your high score!★★

Your score is the sum of all the numbers on the board at any given time.
Keep matching to create the highest numbers and reach the maximum score!

The evil black squares will get in your way to glory. Erase your enemies and become the absolute numbers-matching-superchampion!

The rules are very easy, but the game involves a lot of strategy and logic skills to succeed.

Hours of free fun and excitement are guaranteed.
If you like sudoku, math games, puzzle games, jewels and tiles matching, words games, you will absolutely love Numbers.

> HELP OUT < Help the block get out, thousands of challenging puzzles for you to solve
> HELP OUT JEWELS < More unblocking, this time with jewels!
> INCREDIBLE CASTLE < Expand your realm and build your own castle!
> WALLPAPERS HD <  The best source of FREE Wallpapers for your Android phone!

Pizza Legend

Enjoy this fast-paced and addictive pizza-cooking game!
You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start your own pizza restaurant, make sure your customers are happy!
Serve clients as fast as possible to earn money, add gorgeous and fun decorations before serving to earn huge tips!
As you progress in this fun cooking game, you will unlock new and special ingredients. You will create some of the most incredible, delicious and never-seen-before pizzas in the world! Are you ready to become a world-famous "pizzaiolo"?
In PIZZA, you have to be fast and efficient, but don't forget to add your extra touch and use your creativity. Choose from a variety of stunning food decorations and garnishes to express yourself and amaze your customers, so they will come back and buy pizza from you.
Remember, it’s your restaurant: you determine your own success.
It's time to make yummy pizzas, download this cooking game now and become a pizza chef!
Game features:
★ Amazing pizza-cooking experience.
★ Grow your restaurant, earn money and tips!
★ Crisp graphics and stunning animations.
★ Wonderful music and realistic sound effects.
★ Share your creations and achievements with your friends and family.
★ See your friends progress and try to complete the game first!
★ More than 30 ingredients and more than 350 levels = huge variety and fun!
★ It's FREE to play!
This is a great game for pizza, restaurants and food lovers. Improve your cooking skills and have fun!
What are you waiting for? Download PIZZA now and start your cooking journey!

Jewels Ninja

Become a legendary Ninja! Swipe your finger across the screen to slash jewels like a true ninja warrior.
Match more jewels to activate special power-ups and use your ninja sword to create devastating combos!

Jewels Ninja is a simple but extremely fun jewels matching game with many new exciting features, awesome visual effects and special power-ups. Once you start, you can't stop!

This addictive and fun game features 4 exciting game modes, each with unique and fun challenges: Ninja Time, Ninja Moves, Ninja Gold and Ninja Relax.

Complete all challenges to reach the highest degree of mastery and become the ultimate Ninja!
Your achievements will be recognized by the wise ninja master Hanzo, who will guide you in your journey towards mastery.

If you are you a fan of jewels matching games, Jewels Ninja is the game for you!
Match jewels and bombs, slash as many gems as you can with your sword and get addicted to Jewels Ninja!

• Match 5-in-a-row to create a Ninja Sword!
• Match 7-in-a-row to create a Ninja Bomb!
• Match 10-in-a-row to create a Color-erasing special tile!
• Hit targets by cutting them with your sword or make them explode!
• Use special score multipliers wisely to your advantage!
• Push the chest towards the bottom of the screen to get extra points!

★ 100+ Hours of jewels-slashing fun!
★ 4 game modes, each with unique and amazing challenges, keep the fun flowing!
★ Stunning graphics, gorgeous visual effects and dazzling animations!
★ Wonderful music and sound effects
★ EASY TO LEARN, hard to master! Can you reach the highest level of mastery and become a legendary Ninja?
★ Insanely addictive and dazzling gameplay!
★ Huge variety: Ninja Swords, Ninja Bombs, Score Multipliers, special tiles and more!

Jewels Ninja is the best-looking jewels matching game for your phone, and it's FREE!

What are you waiting for? Master the ancient arts of jewels matching, gems slashing and ultra-combo creation.

Download Jewels Ninja now!


Enjoy this tasty food-matching game brought to you by Incredible App!

Combine tiles and feed little monster GumGom. Food! features 5 challenging game modes that will keep you entertained for hours!

GumGom needs to eat as much as possible in order to survive and get stronger.
Move the rows and columns either horizontally or vertically to match tiles of the same type.

Every time you create a match, you will feed GumGom.
Clear a stage to get more points, collect special bonuses like clocks and hearts to increase your chances of success.

Super easy to learn! Very simple rules make the game suitable for people of all ages.

This puzzle game will challenge and entertain you and your friends. You will play for hours and never get bored.

Help GumGom grow into a healthy little monster!

Game Features:
★ Super cute character! ★
★ 5 incredible game modes! ★
★ Survive as long as you can in the exciting Fast Food mode!
★ Avoid bombs, level up and feel the adrenaline in the Arcade mode.
★ Match tiles in the given order in the All You Can Eat mode.
★ Match as many tiles as you can in 1 minute in the fast-paced Food Rush mode.
★ Chill out and enjoy the beautiful gameplay in the Relax mode.
★ Outstanding graphics ★
★ Innovative gameplay mechanics ★

Every game is more and more addictive thanks to the smart  game design. You will not be able to stop until you beat your friend's score.

Please let us know how you did!


It's Christmas time! Oh wait... something is missing! Can you help?
In this exciting game, you goal is to prepare as many Christmas trees as possible in a limited amount of time, and ship them so that everybody can enjoy a beautiful and joyful Christmas.
After all, what kind of Christmas is it without a Christmas tree?
Use your speed and memory to complete all levels, unlock new Christmas decorations as you progress in the game. Add fantastic ornaments and lights to your trees to make them shiny and colorful!
Be careful: Christmas is here, try not to run out of time before completing the requested number of Christmas trees. Make all your friends happy!
Get into the spirit of the season with holiday decorating and entertaining, download Christmas Legend is the game for you!
Game features:
• Magic Christmas atmosphere.
• Hundreds of colorful levels.
• Huge variety of ornaments and decorations to unlock!
• Dynamic, exciting and fun!
• Share your achievements with your friends, and wish them Happy Christmas!
Download Christmas Legend now and have fun with this holiday-themed game!


Do you have the GOLDEN TOUCH? Find out now! Play this new puzzle game offering an amazing twist on the addictive matching genre.

The goal of the game is simple: swap elements of the same type, match colors and clear the board to reach the treasure and amass a mountain of gold. Sounds easy? Try it now!
GOLDEN TOUCH is addictive and fun for any kind of gamer. Get the highest score in the challenging and fast-paced Arcade Mode, or select the Relax Mode if you want to chill out and enjoy the beautiful, relaxing gameplay.

Easy to learn, hard to master. There is nothing like practice to develop the legendary golden touch!
The game mechanic is very intuitive, but mastering the strategy and becoming an advanced player can be pretty hard.
Exercise your stategic skills and think ahead to create amazing super-combos and reach your goal. Think out of the box to get extra bonus points and become a master!
Hours of fun are guaranteed. Swap tiles, match colors and combine elements to cross the rainbow and get your own golden treasure!

Game Features:

★ Fun and entertaining puzzle matching game ★
★ Fast-paced gameplay ★
★ Colorful graphics and incredible animations ★
★ Original music and sound effects ★
★ Both casual and core gamers will love it ★
★ Need a challenge? Try the Arcade mode ★
★ Want to chill out? Choose the Relax mode and enjoy the beautiful gameplay ★
★ Regular updates. Stay tuned for new, exciting and challenging features ★
★ Hours of fun ★

What are you waiting for? Download GOLDEN TOUCH now!

At Incredible App!, we strive to bring you the best mobile games. Our mission is simple: create games that delight users and bring hours of magic, fun and entertainment to your mobile device.

Try some of our other games, including Help Out, Help Out Jewels.

Thanks a lot for your continued support, we greatly appreciate it!

Back to the Bird

FLY THE OTHER WAY! Unbelievable!
Do you think you can score -100 points?
Are you ready to (literally) go back in time and space?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you can't miss Back to the Bird !

Find where it all started: help this clunky, clumsy bird find the way back to its humble origins.
Fly backwards and flap through obstacles to reach the splashy surprise!

This is by far the best, most original and unique tribute to Flappy Bird, the game that made all of us happy before disappearing.

Game features:
- The bird flies backwards!
- Start from 10 points and take your score down... can you reach a very low score? What will happen then?
- Cool reversed sounds.
- Start from the "game over" screen and try to fly back to where it all began.

Little Back to the Bird needs your help!
Forget flying fish, pandas, penguins, monkeys, cyrus and the likes. This is as good as it can get!

Flap your wings and start your own reverse-bird-adventure. Download this mind-bending, nerve-wracking, fun-tastic homage to Flappy Bird now!


A classic game with a special touch!
CHECKERS provides the joy and challenge of the classic checkers game, combining great graphics with ease of play and advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Checkers is a fun brain training game, a great classic enjoyed by millions of people worldwide!
Game features:
• Single player and 2 playes modes.
• Choose between different graphical themes!
• 3 difficulty levels to adapt to your skills!
• Select the set of rules you prefer.
• Exciting and fun!
• Advanced Artificial Intelligence to keep you challenged!
• Works great on both smartphones and tablets.
• Easy to pick up, hard to put down!
Have fun with a solo game or challenge your friends in a tournament, Download CHECKERS now!


Try out a completely new and original game, new controls and a totally different challenge!

"There are only a few things that can really change our lives, and Poush is one of them. Here's why."

Maybe Poush is not the most gifted character of all times, but it certainly is the most determined.

Poush is the new hero. Poush is here to remind all of us that you can get where you want, if you really want it.

And Poush really wants it, but it needs your help to succeed.

Push your limits!!

--- HOW TO PLAY ---
- Every time you push the screen, Poush will change direction.
- Push, and Poush goes up. Push again, and Poush goes down.
- Hitting obstacles is bad.
--- End of Instuctions ---

Push the boundaries of what is humanly possible, help Poush find the meaning of life!

Cake Legend

Make and decorate some of the most delicious cakes ever made, but be fast! Your cakes are in high demand, and customers from all over the world want them, now!

As a master cake maker and famous chef, your objective is to prepare and decorate stunning, mouth watering cakes, and deliver them to your clients as fast as possible.

As you progress in the game, you will unlock new, lovely decorations to make your cakes even more gorgeous and spectacular.

More ingredients and decorations for your cake also mean harder choices and the need to act even quicker! Have fun with this amazing cake maker game!

Game features:

• Hundreds of levels.

• Excellent exercise to improve eye-hand coordination.

• Stunning graphics, colourful decorations.

• Over 30 ingredients, huge variety of combinations!

• Fast-paced, challenging, and fun!

• Addictive gameplay.

• Share your achievements with your friends and see their progress.

• Be the first to complete the game!

Download CAKE LEGEND now and start your awesome cake making journey!