TracePing is a network diagnostic tool which combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs and is similar to MTR(MyTraceroute), WinMtr.

First, it finds the path between your device and any internet server and then starts to send periodical echo requests to each host on the way, gathering round trip time statistics.

TracePing is very useful to investigate network problems, to find out where exactly is the connection bottleneck or a failure.

• A list of recently used hosts.
• IP selection for multiple IP hosts
• Visual traceroute: IP geo location and map plotting (optional)
• Extended statistics panel with min/avg/max ping, jitter and StDev
• Works on both WiFi and 3G/GPRS connection.
• Internationalized domains (IDN) are supported
• Share report
• Pause/restart ping
• Switching between IP and hostnames
• Tuneable interval, timeout, packet size, ping count and hop limit parameters
• Experimental IPv6 support (Needs root, because ping6 executable has no SUID bit on Android 4.0)

• Root is not necessary (except IPv6 hosts)
• Currently doesn't work on devices without 'ping' executable.
• 100% loss usually means that ICMP packets are blocked on this host or it is down.

Please send all questions and bug reports to support email below. Bug

WARNING: may not work on some devices and with busybox ping
IP geo location is provided by maxmind lite city db, accuracy is about 60%


SpeedMon is a simple GPS speedometer with the sound alert when the speed limit is exceeded.

SpeedMon is designed to be used in conjunction with navigation software. Use "Settings" to set an app to be started along with SpeedMon. When started SpeedMon will go to the background, starting another app in the foreground.

Each speed limit has two settings: soft limit and hard limit with two different sound alerts.

Switch between limits with a single tap.

Miles (mph) or Kilometers (kph) per hour are supported.

This is a beta version. Please send all questions and bug reports to the support email below.