Enable Video Chat over 3G/4G

ROOT: This application requires root
OPEN SOURCE: The source is available at

This application will enable Google Talk Video Chat over 3G/4G. With this app you will not be restricted to wifi-only video calls with Google Talk.

You must have Video-Chat enabled Google Talk installed for this to do anything at all (It comes with Android 2.3.4 but can be loaded on Android 2.3.3).

This app will display a simple settings screen that allows you to enable or disable the restriction that Google Talk Video Chat will only work on WIFI networks. With this application and root priveleges you can control this restriction.

This application works by toggling the setting gtalk_vc_wifi_only in the database gservices.db.

Ultimate Photo Widget

The Ultimate Photo Widget is a homescreen widget for your phone or tablet. The widget and tool that Google forgot to build!

Select your camera gallery, an SD card folder, or your Picasa online album and this widget will do the rest. It will rotate your photos in a random shuffle. You can set it to change photos at intervals between 30 minutes and 24 hours.

You can click the photo to view it full screen, or advance to the next photo. See a photo you love? Just click "freeze" and the widget will stop shuffling and stick to that photo. See a photo you don't want? Just click "Next" to skip it and load the next picture. Select from a variety of frames to present your pictures in - Wood, Black, Metal, etc.

* Present a slideshow of photos on your homescreen.
* Load photos from Picasa Web Albums, the Android Camera Gallery, or a directory on your SD card.
* Drop multiple widgets on your homescreen to get multiple different slideshows.
* Freeze photos to stop shuffling them at any time.
* Full support for Android Honeycomb (3.0+) tablets -
Resizable widgets in Android 3.1!
* Flickr support coming soon!

TAGS: Photo, widget, picture frame, picasa tool, picasa web albums, slideshow, homescreen pictures, rotate, timer

Voice Messenger

Quickly capture a voice note and send it off using EMail, GMail, Bluetooth, MMS, or any other communications app you have installed that can transmit audio files.

Voice Messenger will let you record an audio file with one click and then prompt you to share it via the standard Android sharing mechanism to send the file.

In this version, supported audio recording formats are 3GP Narrow Band (all phones), 3GP Wide Band (some phones), and MP4/AAC (some phones). Phones with Gingerbread or later will have the most support for these formats, but even some Froyo phones such can do 3GP Wide Band or MP4/AAC.

After unlocking the feature to customize the app you can also configure the default subject and body of the message, although you can also customize those for each message when you send them.

Voice Messenger features an audio meter during recording that graphically demonstrates the audio gain level you are experiencing during the record. This will allow you to judge how well your recording will be received. Some phones are best held like a voice call while recording but others work fine when used like a speaker phone while recording.

This application also displays a hour-minute counter during recording so you know how long your voice message is while you are recording. The length of the message is limited only by the storage space available on your phone.

This application does not record WAV files because they are too large and cumbersome for transmitting from a mobile device.

Recordings are kept for one day in case sending fails and they can be found in the application's data directory.

Voice Messenger is free but prompts for purchase of the feature to unlock configuration edit which is done via Android Market In-App Billing.

Drink Counter Widget

This widget allows you to quickly and easily count the drinks you are having while you are out.

This lets you track your intake of drinks as well as help share the tab when the bill comes. You can count your beer, wine, cocktail, or coffee drinks. OK all that really does is change the picture, but that's still pretty cool.

Since it is a widget, it is right at your fingertips whenever you look at your phone. Perfect for bars and social situations where a quick click is all you need.

The Daily News


Browse headlines and view articles from a variety of popular sources.

Select news stories from a selection of categories including News (current events and politics), Technology, Finance, Sports, and Entertainment.

Share stories you likes on twitter, facebook, email, etc.

Version 2.0: Total Rewrite; Android 3.x tablet support (Honeycomb)

Flash Cards: Math

Practice your basic math skills on your Android phone or tablet!

Math Flash Cards gives you a virtual deck of flash cards. You can configure the app to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division (or mix them all together). All completely free and with no ads!

You can set a difficulty level appropriate for any age - let your first-grader practice subtraction with numbers less than 10 while your middle school student can flip through division cards with numbers under 50. Math flash cards can be configured for kids of any age.

When each card is shown you are given 4 options to guess from. The app will time your responses and give you points based on how fast you can guess the correct answer - don't just guess randomly, because you are penalized for wrong answers!

The app tracks the 5 best high scores for each configuration, allowing you to track your progress. After each round you'll see the list of scores and get feedback on where you placed.

For each round you can also set the number of cards to show - 3, 5, 10, or 20. With all these configuration options, you can replace an almost infinite sized deck of old-fashioned cards with one app.

Download now and start practicing your math!

Mongo Explorer

OPEN SOURCE: Code is available at

The only Mongo database client UI for Android! Featuring

* Connect to MongoDB databases (MongoHQ, MongoLab, custom...)
* List, add, and remove collections
* Add, edit and delete documents
* Browse documents
* Write custom queries

This free application allows one saved connection. To add more connections purchase the in-app unlock.


Goalfolio helps you visualize and achieve your most important goals.

You've got your goals set. You're excited about them and the prospects of achieving them. Alone these aren't enough. You are more likely to get your goals (and get them faster) by visualizing them and having a clear picture of the successful outcome for each of them.

When you visualize your goals as already complete on a regular basis, it creates a conflict in your subconscious mind between what you currently have and what you are visualizing. Your mind then tries to resolve the conflict by 1) programming your brain to let you be more aware of things that will help achieve your goals; 2) activating your subconscious mind to create solutions; and 3) creating new levels of motivation.

Put this powerful principle to work right now by visualizing your goals with the help of Goalfolio. Select images for each of your goals and assign them to the year you want to complete them. Add goals by taking pictures, browsing your photo gallery, or searching the internet. Flip through your goals, browse and organize with ease. It’s your portfolio of goals, review them and think about them daily. See your success and make it happen!

* Full support for Android Honeycomb (3.0+) tablets - ActionBar, Navigation, etc.
* Add goals from your phone's camera or by using the built-in image search.
* Set goals for each year and flip through them to browse them and edit or remove as needed.
* Tile your goals to see them all at once.
* Share goals to twitter, facebook, email, and more.

TV Premieres

List upcoming television season and series premieres.

Just get the important part of the TV listings - the premieres! Lists all the new upcoming shows in order by date and time along with the network, length, and a link to the show detail on the network's website.

Get the news about the TV programs that you need and don't waste time with the TV programs you don't.

Supports Android phones, tablets, and Google TV. Enjoy TV Premiers on all your devices.

DroidMon Website Monitor

NEW! Monitor web sites directly from your phone or tablet.

Includes a widget to monitor your sites right from your Android desktop.

Provide a URL and a polling interval and let the Web Site Monitor regularly ping the server for status. You can add any number of monitors (the free version supports 1 monitor - just use the in-app purchase to unlock an unlimited number of monitors).

Web Site Monitor includes full support for phones and 7" or 10" tablets and includes a widget.

You can configure notifications and alert sounds for first failure or success. You can also provide a configurable schedule to temporarily suspend monitoring at a certain time of day or night.

Web Site Monitor keeps a history of all ping attempts. The server response is captured for later review. For each ping attempt, the monitor also records the URL, date and time of attempt, the length of the request in milliseconds, and the result.