CallFlux - Rec and Block Calls

Need to record calls or block calls from suspicious numbers ? CallFlux gives you the ability to record incoming and outgoing calls, black list numbers, white list and, if you want, you can share your calls.
CallFlux also has the ability to block calls, you can configure to block calls from unknown numbers, block list numbers, white list and if you are busy, you can configure an SMS to be sent to the blocked numbers.

New Feature: Receive your recorded call in your email account

- Block calls
- Record audio calls
- Define White and black lists to block calls
- Listen your Audio calls
- Share your Audio calls
- Busy satate - Block all calls and sends an SMS defined by you to the blocked numbers.
- Automatic send your recorded call to your mail

If you have a problem with this application, please contact us. In case you have a feature you can contact us too.


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