Flash Bell

'Flash Bell' will notify In, out-going calls and incoming text messages with flashlight.

This application is mostly used by people who have trouble with hearing or not.
Flash function, Increasing and Decreasing speed for flickering can be easily controlled by one touch switch. Widget is also included, so check it out right now

If you want to use other alarm settings, [settings] - [Accessibility] - [Services] 'Flashbell' has to be approved for use.

Flash, Light, Bell, Alarm, Call, Message, LED, Camera


-Speaker phone
So simple, So easy APP
The functions and UI are simple compared to other apps
When making an out-going call just hold it beside your ear it’ll turn to normal dialer and also this app works with your phone sensors so unless an object is interfering the sensor it’ll automatically turn the call to an open speakerphone.

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