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Call Recorder PRO

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Call Recorder PRO can be used in so many ways for work and for fun!

Key Features:
-Runs in the background and records your calls
-Intuitive interface makes it easy to use
-Choose from recording all, only incoming, or only outgoing calls!

Phone Recorder

James's Awesome Apps
Free for a limited time! Download Phone Recorder today and start recording your phone calls.

This unobtrusive app records both incoming and outgoing calls in the background. No configuration necessary, just open the app once after you install and you're ready to go!

After finishing a call, you can listen to a playback using the simple, intuitive interface. Play, pause, fast-forward and rewind the playback has never been easier. Don't want the recording anymore? Delete it with a long press!

Perfect for
* sales people making cold calls
* business conference calls
* recording hilarious prank calls
* save all calls incase you'll need it later
* and many more uses...

Hot Tip Calculator

James's Awesome Apps
Get this Hot Tip Calculator!

Super Easy to Use!