Dive in a wonderful world between earth and sky...
Move your Gear!
The journey to rebuilt the order of the world begins ..now!

Merge the 4 colored hemispheres at the ends of the Gear with the respective halves of the same color with a touch of the screen!
When all the spheres will explode, the Gears will regenerate themselves, so you can continue the challenge.

Let’s increase your score, exceeds the levels and collect the 12 relics, symbols of God’s recognition for your knack and for your commitment.

Let’s try the 3 game modes!!

- Classic:
Exceeds a set of increasingly complex levels and try to finish the game without making a wrong move (which makes you lose and return to the initial level)

- Infinite:
Accumulate as many points as possible, with the awareness of having an eternal life

- Time Attack:
True gem of the game, this modality is characterized by a higher level of challenge, where the same gameplay is more dynamic thanks to the possibility to move the Gears position.

Designed to relax and fill the empty moments of the day, Pandoorica stimulates logic and involves in a viewing experience full of colors and sounds.
It has a simple gameplay and graphics that does not distract the eye from unnecessary and elaborate artifacts, allowing your mind to be alert and able to solve levels.

BumBall - Dragon Air DogFight

Lead your dragon to victory! Defeat waves of enemies more and more powerful!
Train your dragon and maximize his skills.
Fight in wonderful and various 3d scenarios… fly through sandy deserts, deep caverns and caribbean beaches.

BumBall is a 2d Air Arcade Shooter with powerful 3d graphics with strong GDR elements.
Fast paced and adrenalinic gameplay, but balanced and suitable for all types of players.


- Many skills to MAXIMIZE to get more firepower
- Many armors to POWERUP your armor according to your game strategy
- Many gadgets and colors to CUSTOMIZE your dragon
- Hundreds of mission to complete
- Tens of achievements to acquire
- Global leaderboards to compare yourself with other players around the world
- STORY mode with hundreds of battles full of enemies more and more powerful
- SURVIVAL mode, defeat enemies in an endless epic battle
- Available languages : English, Italian, French
- Challenging and adrenaline gameplay

* Internet connection is required to play

Having problems? Suggestions?
Contact us :

Flying Tapping Animals Saga !

Why settle for one when you can have 5???

Choose your favorite animal to play in different and colorful scenarios...

Lead your animal as far as you can without touching any obstacle!!!

- 5 Different animals
- 5 different and colorful scenarios
- addictive game!
- One tap game!
- tap tap tap tap tap!!!

World Highscore will come very soon...