ShakeRaffleRoll Free

Have you encountered getting an extra movie ticket but cannot decide on who among your best buds you will invite? What about a Casanova who cannot decide on which girl to date? And how about during lunch time and some of your friends asked “where will we eat today?” These are simple situations that don’t require logical and analytical thinking yet the answers seem too hard to decide on.

The sky has spoken! With just a tap, Shake, Raffle and Roll can give you answers for these situations. Add those choices, shake your device, raffle them randomly and roll out the winner. With Shake, Raffle and Roll, making the fairest decision is now just a shake away!

ShakeRaffleRoll (Shake, Raffle and Roll) is originally designed as a “Raffle App” that can be used in events to raffle out prizes. With ShakeRaffleRoll’s 4 raffle modes such as Name Mode, Face Mode, Number Mode and CSV Mode it transformed the old way of doing raffle by integrating technology at the same time added innovations to make the app more fun.

JEDI Force

JEDI is a project of Sun Microsystems, Inc. through the University of the Philippines Java Research and Development Center and in partnership with various groups from the Education and Industry Sectors.

JEDI Force is an Android App which is a supplementary learning material to the JEDI initiative. With the advent of smartphones individuals studying JAVA can view and study their basic Java App codes (soon support for Compiling) on the go.

JEDI Force beta supports the following features
- Object Code Viewer
- Java Docs
- Bookmarking of Java Files

JEDI Force app is forge along with the JuANDROID.org initiatives to spread the Android Technology. JEDI Force app is an "OPEN SOURCE" project.

"May the JEDI Force be with you!" - JuANDROID.org