Prayer Time Finder

Prayer Time Finder is very important tool for all Muslims; it can show the prayer times
(اوقات الصلاة - Salah Time) for Muslims wherever they are located.

Prayer Time Finder can calculate the five prayer times for more than a thousand cities all around the world. By choosing your city for one time, or by choosing GPS option you can know the prayer times in your city every time you open the application.

In addition, you can know the prayer times for the whole week or even choose any date you want and view the prayer times for the whole week containing that date.

The alarms and notifications on prayer time (Athan) feature enable the user to hear alarms at prayer times with the preferred (Athan) voice.

The nice themes feature enables you to change application theme with many Islamic themes.

In addition, the weekly calender enables you to know the Hijri date and Islamic holidays.

يستخدم هذا البرنامج لإيجاد اوقات الصلاة لمعظم مدن العالم