Kołakowski Damian

Remote Desktop

Kołakowski Damian
Remote Desktop brings order to your Droid. View and retrieve all the contents of your phone such as documents, photos, videos

All you need is a standard web browser (! the latest Chrome or Firefox !) and Remote Desktop will allow you interact with your phone as easily as a PC.

Main Features:
✓ files, gallery, bookmarks explorer
✓ send sms
✓ desktop workspace environment
✓ remote terminal

KW: MobileTab, Remote Desktop, files upload/download, SMS, Web Desktop, File sync, AirDroid, Cloud


Kołakowski Damian
Blip.pl client

# beta 13
- better identification of blip's clients

Better blip's source
If you are not from Poland, jump to #blipworld blip-tag.

- read, delete and send blips
- photo attachments
- quote, private msg
- share interesting locations
- photo&video