Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser

** How to: share link > Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser **

Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser is a project to send links from Android device to Google Chrome™ browser, consisting of:
* Android App
* Chrome Extension
* Dropbox service


Project site: http://code.google.com/p/phone2chrome/
Contact me on twitter: @lgvalle


How does it works?

Android application will create a file in your Dropbox filesystem at:

It contains information about links in standard json format.

When you share a web link with Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser app it will add a new entry to this file.

In your computer, you just need to open Google Chrome™ browser and click on Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser extension button. It will open each link in a new tab.

Don't forget to install Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser extension! Visit Google Chrome™ browser Extensions Store and search for "Phone 2 Google Chrome™ browser"

-- If you experience any problems after updating to 3.0 please consider clearing history and relink your account.

Tilt and Push to Live

Push to Live is a skill and addictive game for all ages.

Playing Push to Live will test and improve your reflexes. Control your player by tilting your device, avoid contact with your enemies and use the weapons at your disposal to push them to their final death.
With two games modes in single player and worldwide leaderboards using Scoreloop, the addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for even higher scores. You can also unlock achievements and post scores to the online leaderboards with Scoreloop. No buttons or thumbsticks to fumble around with, just tilt. Tilt and Push for your life...

★ Smooth and responsive game play.
★ Responsive Tilt Controls.
★ Realistic physics.
★ Colorful glow graphics.
★ Challenge yourself with 2 difficulty levels (easy and hard).
★ 5 Unlockable Super-Weapons
★ 32 Award Challenges
★ Regular free updates!

- Powered by AndEngine - andengine.org

If you like games like 'Tilt to Live' you'd love this one!

Are you up to the challenge? Just follow the easy steps to play the game.

1. To start, tilt your device to avoid contact with red circles.
2. Use weapons to push your enemies against the walls to kill them.
3. Get higher scores to unlock new weapons and achievements.

Good Luck!

You can contact me at
★ Support: dev.lgvalle-ptl@gmail.com
★ Twitter: http://twitter.com/lgvalle
★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PushToLive

★ Music thanks to http://www.mattmcfarland.com/ (CC By 3.0)

Hearts Deluxe Online Free

** v1.5.2 **
+ Challenges lost with 0 points bug should now be fixed. Everyone who had lost coins this way please contact me!

Hearts card game.

Hearts Deluxe Free brings this classic Hearts card game to your Android device.

Do you know how to play but need a refresher? You have never play Hearts before and want to learn? With our How to Play sheets Hearts is now available for everyone!

With smooth animations, custom game options and incredible easy game play Hearts card game has never been so fun to play


★ Scoreloop integration to compete with your friends

★ Online challenge play

★ Awards: unlock all awards and earn coins!

★ Challenge anyone in the world and become the nº #1

★ 5 background colors to choose

★ Custom game speed & points

★ Player gameplay statistics

★ In-game hints

★ Step by step rules

★ Beautiful minimalistic graphics

-- Why are this permissions requested? --

- READ_PHONE_STATE & READ_CONTACTS: This permissions allows Scoreloop to provide an unique identifier for you on the leaderboards and find friends to compete with

- INTERNET & ACCESS NETWORK STATE: This permissions are used to: 1. Post your scores to the leaderboards, 2. Collect game errors, 3. Allow AdMob to display ads

-- Game History --
Hearts is an "evasion-type" trick-taking playing card game for four players, although variations can accommodate 3–6 players. The game is also known as The Dirty, Black Lady, Slippery Anne, Chase the Lady, Crubs, and Black Maria, though any of these may refer to the similar but differently-scored game Black Lady. The game is regarded as a member of the Whist family of trick-taking games (which also includes Bridge and Spades), but the game is unique among Whist variants in that it is an evasion-type game.

Magic Alarm

This alarm application uses proximity sensor to dismiss ring alert.

Just move your hand over the phone when alarm is buzzing and it will be dismissed.

Warning! This application has only been tested hard in my Nexus One. However it may work in other models (read comments)

If you try and it works, please left a brief comment to let others know.


This beautiful minimalist widget lets you read your twitter timeline in an elegant and easy way.

Tap on the widget to:
- Access settings.
- Open tweet original url or inside links
- Side left: prev, side right: next

If you like the app and want to contribute to development a donate version is now available.

TweetLive Timeline WP

Get twitter timeline stream over wallpapers.

* New
+ Full features unlocked on free version in exchange of ads
+ Black background (users request!)

* Features
+ Choose speed and size.
+ Click over tweet, scroll stops. 2nd click, open it in browser.

Twitter oauth technology used.
If like, please rate and click ad once :)

Tweedget (Donate)

This beautiful minimalist widget lets you read your twitter timeline in an elegant and easy way.

Tap on the widget to:
- Access settings screen.
- Open tweet original url.
- Open inside links.