Balloon Gunner 3D

The islands of your Empire have been invaded, and only you and your war balloon can save them!!

Tilt and swerve your phone to fly your balloon through an array of different missions and enemies. Use cannons, missiles and bombs to blast your way to victory!

* Stereoscopic 3D visuals on LG and HTC 3D handsets** (limited trial).
* Red+cyan stereoscopic 3D on devices without 3D screens and faces wearing 3D glasses (limited trial).
* Support for the XAPPR gaming gun.
* Stereo sound effects as your enemies buzz around you and attack from all sides!
* Simple, fun, addictive gameplay. No tutorials and complex controls - just point and shoot!
* 40 levels spread over 4 different environments.
* Runs on older, lower-spec devices such as the HTC Desire.

Required app permissions:
* WAKE_LOCK stops the screen from switching off if there's a break in the firing.
* INTERNET & ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE are used by both the in-game ads and analytics, which are common app features.
* BILLING is for the new in-app purchases feature. You don't have to buy anything, of course, and it's all handled through Android Market, so there's no way to make purchases by accident.

If you spot any bugs or if the app doesn't work for any reason, please let us know. We can't fix things we don't know about! :-)

Known issues:
* There's no "on-screen controls" option! The reason for this is simply that we haven't seen an on-screen controls system that works well for this kind of pick-up-and-play game. Also, people have commented that tilt controls aren't suitable for stereoscopic 3D. This true in principle, but we recommend that you set the control sensitivity to high in Options, as this will allow you to minimize the tilting and therefore preserve the 3D effect. We believe this is a better solution than on-screen controls, so give it a try!
* There are occasional judders in the gameplay. This is usually caused by animation in the in-game adverts (which can be removed via an in-app purchase).
* Help, I'm seeing double! Sounds like you have the anaglyph stereo 3D turned on by mistake, so go to the Options screen and turn it off by setting "Stereo 3D Depth" to zero.

If you'd like the see Balloon Gunner 3D in your language and can provide free translations, please get in touch!

Note that the video is taken from the Windows Phone 7 version, which can be obtained from

** Known to work on LG Optimus 3D, LG Thrill 4G, LG Optimus 3D Max, HTC EVO 3D, and HTC EVO V 4G. Does NOT work on Sharp 3D devices.

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Hordz 3D

Battle for survival against the mysterious Hordz!

This game will test your finger and brain dexterity to your puny human limits as you defend against wave after wave of unforgiving foes. Battle witches, vampires, skeleton bikers and other twisted fiends on your quest to stop having to have a fight! Can you master the many finger-swiping combos required to become master of the monsters?

* A defense game with a unique first-person perspective.
* Over 50 levels of finger-twisting 3D horror action.
* 12 monsters ready and eager to eat your face.
* Multi-touch attacks with higher scores for simultaneous kills.
* Silly monster sound effects and pumping original tunez.
* Stereo 3D on LG and HTC 3D devices**, and red+cyan 3D on normal devices (with the right glasses).

* PlayAndroid Magazine Bronze Medal

Hordz is still a work-in-progress, so there's more to come!

TOUCHSCREEN TIPS (Because touch-screens aren't all alike!):
* If you find "double swipes" unreliable on your device, try targeting baddies which are further apart.
* If the fire rings seem unreliable, try leaving a slight pause between hitting the button and positioning the ring.
* If you're playing on a device with a screen resolution lower than 800x480... good luck! :-)
* Some screens are simply less reliable than others, but we wanted to make the game available to as many people as possible. If you feel you're being cheated out of mega-scores by the game, just consider that it *may* be down your device. Feel free to email us about your experiences!

* On some dual core devices running Android 2.3 or lower you may experience crashes or freezes. This is an Android issue, so if it bothers you, play with "Effect Volume" set to zero and it won't happen.
* Help, I'm seeing double! Sounds like you have the anaglyph stereo 3D turned on by mistake, so go to the Options screen and turn it off by setting "3D Depth" to zero.
* The game slows down when there's a lot going on! We tried to make Hordz compatible with lower-end devices, but sometimes they get a bit overwhelmed by its awesomeness. If you experience this, try setting "3D Depth" and "Music Volume" to zero and restarting the level.
* There are no zombies. Sorry. :-)

** Stereoscopic 3D is known to work on LG Optimus 3D, LG Thrill 4G, LG Optimus 3D Max, HTC EVO 3D, and HTC EVO V 4G.  Does NOT work on Sharp 3D devices.

Horde, Hordes, Hordez