Vamoose Messenger

Vamoose is an awesome group messenger. Fed up of the digital detritus clogging up devices across the world, Vamoose's developers created an incredible messaging app. Vamoose puts an end to meaningless lol's and omg's -- instead, you can look forward to a joyful new era where the best is kept and everything else is vamoosed away to archive.

Vamoose keeps communication among groups simple, instantaneous and clutter-free. Unless a recipient chooses to keep a message, Vamoose automatically archives messages 60 seconds after they are received. If none of the recipients keep a message then the message is archived from the sender's phone too.

Sending something sensitive?
Activate the special Vamoose mode for sensitive messages. All messages sent with vamoose mode activated are completely deleted within 60 seconds of being opened and CAN NOT be saved or archived. These messages are even deleted from the sender's phone.

Wish you hadn't sent it?
Save those blushes! Vamoose let's you recall any messages that have not yet been read by recipients and removes the messages completely from your friend's phone. If it has been read, you're too late and you won't even see the Recall option.

Are you writing gold or dirt?
Ever wonder whether your messages are being savored or being slandered. Vamoose gives detailed stats of your app usage and of what your friends have been doing with your messages.

Who did what when?
For every message, Vamoose offers up a detailed history so you know who read what and when.

Express yourself!
Vamoose supports rich in-message composition so you can now write a paragraph, add a couple of pictures, write another paragraph, add some geo-location references and a few emoticons, add some more pics -- all within ONE message. It's the first messaging app to give communication a chance.

Welcome to an awesome new era of messaging where there's a premium on quality over quantity.

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