LetFarm LIVE

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LetFarm LIVE is part of the Danish farm task system LetFarm. Start registering crop tasks, maintenance of machinery and refuels. When having added your fields and some other stuff in the online web programme, you are ready to go. The app will download everything onto the phone and automatically and with the help of GPS, the phone will automatically find out when you drive in and out of the fields and let you know when to register tasks. Easy and fast.

There's finally an extremely easy way of registering tasks for the chemical journal, field economy, overview of machinery maintenance, refuels and much more.

NEW: Now you can also see all of your fields on a map, make simple GPS markings of wells, drainage, pests, weed and more!

LetFarm Workday

NOTE: This app serves no purpose without a LetFarm account. See more at www.letfarm.dk

LetFarm Android Workday application. Requires having the Workday module enabled for your LetFarm account.