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Natural Photo Frames

Life's Softs
*****************BEST NATURAL PHOTO FRAMES*******************
More than 200 high resolution frames about natural such as: animals, flowers, forest, tree, insect...frames.

Special features:
- More than 1 photo in 1 frame.
- Download more frames easily.
- Share photo via facebook, twitter, bluetooth... easily.

You can share your beautiful photo here:

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Flower Photo Frames

Life's Softs
**************** BEST FLOWER PHOTO FRAMES ********************
More than 120 beautiful and high resolution flower frames. Amazing way to make up the photo.

Special feature:
- More than 1 photo in 1 frame.
- Frames update-to-date.
- Share photos easily via facebook, twitter, bluetooth...

Tags: flower, photo, frames, love, wedding, image, picture, editor, marker.

Kids Photo Frames

Life's Softs
******************BEST KIDS PHOTO FRAMES********************
All kinds of frames for your children: cartoon, flowers, animals with more than 65 frames.... You will have lovely and high resolution kids photo easily.

Special features:
- More than one picture in a frame.
- Frames can be up-to-dated by yourself.
- Easy to share photo.

Tags: kids, photo, frames, picture, editor, lovely, child, baby, children,flower, animal, cartoon.

Love & Wedding Photo Frames

Life's Softs
*****************LOVE & WEDDING PHOTO FRAMES***************



2 in one, a lot of beautiful frames for a nice couple.
High quality, high resolution frames

Special feature:
- Can attach more than one picture to frame.
- Update more frames via internet.
- Easy to share photo via facebook, twitter, bluetooth...

Tag: photo, frame, love, wedding, picture, image, editor, lovely, couple, camera, valentine, heart.

Funfoto - Funny Photo Editor

Life's Softs
******The Best Funny Camera & Funny Photo Editor***********
You have a beautiful photo. You want to make it more funny ?
You want to take a funny picture for kids ?
It's so easy with Funfoto.
In Funfoto Editor, you have:
- Funny HAIR.
- Funny HAT.
- Funny MASK.
- Funny GLASSES.
- Funny HEART.
- Funny BEARD.
- Funny FLOWER.
- Funny FACE.
- Funny SNOWMAN.
- And more than 45 funny frames.
You can share your funny photos to everyone via: facebook, gmail, blogger, twitter, skype,....,etc.

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Christmas Photo Frames

Life's Softs
****************BEST CHRISTMAS PHOTO FRAMES****************
More than 40 high resolution frames about christmas.
Special features:
- More than 1 photo in 1 frame.
- Share photo via facebook, twitter, bluetooh... easily.

Please share your beautiful photo here:

Tags: christmas, noel, new year, photo, frames, picture, image, editor.