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Do It With Drupal 2011

Do It With Drupal is a three-day educational seminar presented by Lullabot that connects attendees with practical information and resources for building Drupal-based websites. Presenters are rockstar Drupal community leaders and authors, as well as renowned experts in fields such as user experience and design, social publishing, and the business of Open Source.

Get More Information More Quickly - With 30+ sessions, you’ll get as much information in these three jam-packed days as you would by spending hundreds of hours reading books, blogs, watching videos, and trying to learn everything on your own. Our are experts in their fields, having spent their careers gaining the knowledge they have -- and they’re here to share it all with you. Ask questions, pick their brains, and get ready to apply what you learned immediately

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DrupalCon Denver

DrupalCon Denver is the official conference of the Drupal community. DrupalCon is a biannual event presented to an ever-expanding international audience since Drupal became an open-source project in 2001.

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✓ Conference Schedule
Listings of sessions by day and room. Birds of Feather sessions. Core conversations.

✓ Make Your Schedule
Make your own personal conference schedule. It will appear under "My Sessions."

✓ Maps
Access floor plans and other detailed maps of Colorado Convention Center.

✓ Twitter Feed
Official DrupalCon twitter feed

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Share your favorite sessions on Facebook and Twitter via app! Also tweet or update your Facebook status right from Tweets section of app.

✓ Speaker Bios
Detailed bios of speakers.

✓ News
Official news feed of DrupalCon Denver

✓ Tablet Support
Works on your Android Tablet :)

✓ Live Updates
Update your app's database from inside the app. No re-downloading of updated app.

DrupalCon is a world-class conference with a worldwide audience. If you or your organization actively use Drupal, or even if you never have but want to learn, DrupalCon is your chance to engage the community, learn from others, and share your experiences. Pre-conference training sessions are available on March 19th and a code and contribution sprint on March 23rd.