M. Jazmik


M. Jazmik
JamCam allows you to view over 2000 UK motorway and major road traffic cameras right from your phone. Add home screen widgets to see motorway cameras at a glance. Don't get stuck in a traffic jam again.
JamCam allows you to view traffic cameras from England, Scotland and Wales including all inner London traffic cameras.

CCTV Cameras are available for the following roads; M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M6(T), M8, M9, M11, M18, M18A, M20, M23, M25, M26, M27, M32, M40, M42, M45, M48, M49, M50, M54, M55, M56, M60, M61, M62, M66, M69, M74, M77, M80, M90, M180, M275, M602, M621, A1, A2, A1(M), A3, A3(M), A4, A5, A8, A9, A10, A12, A13, A14, A20, A23, A27, A30, A38, A38(M), A40, A41, A42, A46, A4088, A55, A64, A68, A75, A76, A77, A82, A83, A85, A87, A90, A92, A95, A96, A102, A117, A118, A168, A205, A229, A303, A312, A329, A406, A417, A419, A404, A449, A465, A468, A494, A550, A556, A666, A702, A720, A725, A830, A835, A898, A3220, A4042, A4060 and all London street cams - That's more than are available on the BBC website!

CCTV Jam Camera images are provided by:

Traffic England (Highways Agency)
Traffic Wales
Traffic Scotland
Transport for London

Birthday Number Ones

M. Jazmik
Ever wondered what was the UK number one single when you were born? or what number one hit you were most probably conceived to? or even what your first christmas number one was? Well wonder no more, this handy app will tell you!

Contains the complete database of all UK number one singles. Allows you to search by date and then watch and listen on youtube.