Fingerprint Lock
Touch the sensor area of the fingerprint scanner on screen with your fingers and raise the lock of your mobile phone. Your friends will be amazed, because the app rejects their fingerprints like a real fingerprint reader.

Fingerprint Lock has a modern design that reacts with either haptic, as well as acoustic feedback and the best, it’s free! Featurerequests und bugreports are handled with high priority…


Of course, the screen of your Android smartphones can not read your fingerprints, it simply responds to the touch. The trick is that you can change with a simple click on the title of the app (fingerprint lock) between "allow access" and "deny". This naturally dos’t know your friends and so the will think you've built a real biometric fingerprint reader in the touch screen of your mobile. This is not a security application or lockscreen!
Note that point in your rating, Fingerprint Lock is explezit marked as fun app! Currently it is technically not possible to use the touchscreen as a fingerprint scanner.

Naked Scanner
See with the free naked scanner through your friends' clothes! Show with the camera on your friends and you'll see them naked.

Trick your frinds with the nakedscanner! They will think that you can look with your smartphone and this body scanner through the clothes.

Be fast and download this app FREE for a limited time!

Please note before you rate this app, that it is a prank app, just a fake. Of course you can’t see through the clothes with this naked scanner. It’s not possible on a phone and without x-ray. You will only see a picture of a man or woman in order of your movement.

How to use the nude scanner: Tell your fiend to lie on ground an move your smartphone above them. In order of your movement (forward, backward, left, right) the naked picture will shown.

With the naked scanner you will be the king of fun on next party. Download the body scanner and many other apps for free!

Solar Charger Free
Charge your phone using Solar Charger Free via the screen with the power of sun. There is enough light, you can reach voltages of up to 3.6 volts. Simply start the app, put it in the sun and watch as it regenerates your smartphones battery.

To protect your phone, never put it for a long time to the direct sunlight, because the high temperatures can damage it.

Featurerequests and bugreports are handled with high priority, just send an email, I will answer as soon as possible. You can write me in German and English…

Of course, the screen of your Android smartphones can not use as solar panel. Solar Chager Free is just a fun-app, note more! With this app you can prank your friends. To make the illusion complete, the application uses the brightness sensors of the device. Note this in your rating, because it is technically not possible to use the display as solar in order to generate electricity and charge your battery.

Police Radar Scanner
Find with the free Police Radar Scanner every police officer in your neighborhood. Use the different sensors of your modern smart phones and bundled them to a signal on your screen in the form of radar. The Police Radar Scanner isn't only free but also legal!

The best part is that this police scanner not only shows police officers in uniform, but also in civil. Also can FBI, BKA, CIA agents and many more be uncover with this free app.

If you have questions, want a new feature or report an error, simply send an e-mail, I will answer soon as possible.

Note, the Police Radar Scanner is just a fun-app, a prank to trick your friends. Technically it is not possible to expose a police officer with the phone. But you still can get a lot of fun with the app, because your friends do not know this. They will think you've got a real police detector in your mobile.

Pregnancy Ultrasound
Make an ultrasound with your mobile phone and watch the baby of your pregnant girlfriend! Start the application and teach out the camera, the fun can begin...

Of course there is this app is just a fun app, becuase it is technically not possible to ultrasound with a smartphone. But this did't know your friends, so you can trick them with this free app. Please note it, before you rate the Pregnancy Ultrasound negative.

How to use: Lie down your pregnant girlfriend and start the ultrasound scanner app. Now just move the mobile left, right, forward and backward to make the ilusion perfect.

Love Test Calculator
Tests with the free LoveTestCalculator your love! A smart algorithm calculates how well you fits together and how strong your love is. The higher the value displayed, the more probable it is that you have found your true love and a partner with which you will stay together forever.

The LoveTestCalculator relies on a simple operation dispense, is very memory-and resource-saving and also runable on older Android smartphones.

To measure the strength of your relationship, you have only enter your names into the two fields and start the calculation of your love with just one click. The Love Test Calculator calculated how much is your love and output it as percent.
Although the love tester uses a clever system for calculating your love, of course the results can be wrong, because true love can't be summed up in numbers with any algorithm.

This app comes free for Android! Featurerequests and bugreports fort his love calculator are handled with high priority, just send an email, I will answer as soon as possible. You can write me in German and English…

Alien Radar
Find with Alien Radar extraterrestrial life forms in your environment, because we are not alone, the aliens are among us! UFOs also be displayed with the Alien scanner...

Start the radar and the Alien detector scans your local area at lightning speed. If he finds an alien or an unidentified flying object (UFO), the app will mark it on screen. Alien Radar uses the various sensors of your android smartphone and evaluates them.

If you have any questions regarding the use, feature requests or bug reports, please send me an e-mail. I'll take care of it promptly. You like this Alien detector? Five stars are of course always welcome.

Note that you can not really track aliens with your mobile phone, it is technically not possible. Alien Radar is just a fun-app, a prank to trick your friends. Continuous improvements will help in making the illusion perfect.

VIP Radar
Find with the VIP radar celebrities in your area! This app detects all the stars around you, you know you from television, print and radio, and show them on radar screen. You can download the VIP radar scanner for your Android phone for a short time for free.

To locate the celebrities around you, you just need to start the radar with a single click. By the internal sensors of the mobile and in combination with a secret database, the stars (VIPs) will located in your area and displayed on screen in the form of a signalpoint.

Featurerequests und bugreports are handled with high priority. Just send an e-mail befor you rate this app negative on Google Play.

Note, this app is just a fun-app, a prank! With VIP Radar you can not realy scan your local area for celebrities, it is technically not possible. But you can have a lot of fun with this application by trick your friends, they do not know that it does not work, but they will believe it. ;-)

Traffic Light Control
Red lights are extremely unpopular among drivers. They cost especially on the way to work a lot of time. With this app, this is no longer a problem in the future.
Many traffic lights are controlled remotely. The communication is carried out in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, a frequency similar to the wifi-network. TrafficLightControl analyzes and decodes these signals and sends a modified control command to the traffic light to turn from red to green.

The app has been built up so easy that it can be used by anyone. Instead of complicated commands, Traffic Light Control is a 1-click solution.

Featurerequests and bugreports are handled with high priority, just send an email, I will answer as soon as possible. You can write me in German and English…

Of course, your Android smartphones can not use for controlling traffic lights. TrafficLightControl is just a fun-app, note more! With this app you can prank your friends. Note this in your rating, because it is technically not possible to use a normal smartphone for changing traffic lights from red to green.

Sudoku++ (free)
Solve more than 25,000 Sudoku puzzles divided into 5 levels of difficulty (from easy to extremely). Sudoku++ offers a clear, simple and modern design for all major resolutions. The easy operating concept honors this free app.

Features of Sudoku++:
- more than 25,000 different Sudokus
- 5 levels of difficulty
- add notes into free fields
- resume last 10 puzzles
- undo steps
- multiple color theme
- highlight related fields
- automatic error checking
- and many more

About Sudoku:
Sudoku (sometimes incorrectly written Suduko or Sudoko) originated in Japan (Sūdoku) and literally means something like "strip the numbers". However, the logic puzzle was invented earlier under the name "Number Place" by an American and is a derivative of the "Latin squares".
The classic Sudoku consists of a raster of 9x9 cells, which are grouped into a total of nine 3x3 blocks. The goal of the game is to fill each block with the numbers 1 through 9, but even only used once in each section, column and row.
Sudoku has several levels of difficulty (in this app you can choose between easy, normal, hard, very hard and extreme) based on how many numbers you get to start with and where the digits are positioned.

About the app:
Sudoku++ is the original and not a modified version (like X-Sudoku, Roxdoku or Fudschijama). Notice especially the correct spelling of Sudoku, sometimes incorrectly written Suduku or Sodoko and even like Sodoko or Sodoku.
The app runs on all Android smartphones, starting from version 1.6 (even ICS), but is currently not supported on tablets. To report a bug or request a feature, just send an e-mail:

Please note, that the application uses the Internet connection for showing ads. However, on this way no personal data will be stored by the author. You can buy a ad-free version of Sudoku PlusPlus on market.
Write permission for external memory is required to save game data (for example: scores) on memory card.

Mosquito Repellent - No Bite
Summertime is mosquito time! As soon as the temperatures rise, the pesky blood suckers come out of their hiding and are targeting between dusk and dawn on us humans. On rainy and humid days and especially in the tropical regions, some mosquito species are active even all the day.
While the male mosquitoes us awake at night, the female bites. The bite itches.

Now it end! Mosquito Repellent transmits a high frequency sound, chasing mosquitoes into the flight. And this without any chemicals.
The free app is portable and so perfect for the holidays. Unlike other mosquito repellents is no socket needed. It must be refilled no dangerous chemicals, so that there is no trouble at the airport.

Just download, start and enable the app! There are different frequency bands to choose. It should be a region selected is no longer heard by the user. And now mosquitoes are history...

Please remember that the app does not provide a scientifically proven protection! In areas with malaria or yellow fever contact for a sufficient protection to a doctor or pharmacist!
This free app is just an acoustic aid, the effect is controversial. It can not be given a guarantee for the functionality! Remember this also in your review.

This app comes free for Android! Featurerequests and bugreports for Mosquito Repellent are handled with high priority, just send an email, I will answer as soon as possible. You can write me in German and English…