Simple Checkin for Foursquare

Check-in to foursquare in one tap. The app is very quick, and very simple.

Sometimes you just want to check-in to Foursquare and move on. Simple check-in allows you to do just that.

Want a feature? Get in touch: @rathboma on twitter

- one touch check-ins
- Long press to check-in with a shout and share to Facebook / Twitter
- includes a map view so you can tell if your location is correct
- custom venue search (press the search button)
- app opens instantly to the foursquare nearby venue list
- all check-ins from the app are shared with friends but NOT posted to twitter or facebook
- Your location IS passed on check-in, so these check-ins are eligible for mayorships.
- No ads (there never will be)

If you have any issues with the app, please email me so that I can fix them. There's no function for me to contact you if you leave a bad review. I find squishing bugs very relaxing! (you can also tweet me: @rathboma)

This app supports android 2.1 and up. It should allow you to foursquare check-in with no problems on even the oldest phones.

Currently there are only 770 lines of code in the entire app, this helps to keep it fast. The goal is to keep this under 1000 to maximize speed, and reduce battery drain.

Simple Checkin in the Press:
About Foursquare:

'Foursquare' is a trademark of Foursquare Labs Inc. Simple Check-in is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Foursquare Labs in any way.

Wi-fi Check-in for Foursquare

Check-in to foursquare automatically (auto checkin)!

** If you have any issues, please email me. I haven't been able to test on every phone **

- You might not get a notification on older android devices (< 4.0). I'm working to fix this now.

Map your saved wifi networks to Foursquare places. Then when you connect to that network you will be automatically checked-in.

- Create unlimited wifi-place mappings
- Get notified when you are checked-in
- Uses your approximate location on check-in, so you still get points!
- Very battery efficient

Pro features coming soon.

tweet me with feature requests! @rathboma

'Foursquare' is a trademark of Foursquare Labs Inc. Wi-fi Check-in is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Foursquare Labs in any way.

Santa Game: Simon Says

Test your memory with this christmas-themed memory game. Copy the computer for as many turns as you can. It's simple to learn, hard to master! The perfect game for kids during the holidays.

- Simple, challenging, and festive!
- Three game modes
- Stats galore (high-scores, average, etc)
- hand-drawn

How to play:

Touch the characters in the same order that the computer highlights them.
Each time you are successful, the length of the sequence increases by 1.
The game ends when you can't remember the whole sequence.

Santa, Mrs Claus, Snowman, Elf, Rudolph, Christmas Tree

email me with any issues, I'll do my best to solve all of them. Email or tweet (@rathboma)


A unique puzzle game in which you must pop geometric shapes as fast as possible before the timer runs out.

Only the nimblest fingers will be able to get the highest scores!

- Fun pick up and play - very simple to learn, hard to master
- kid friendly: colorful, simple
- Quick play-sessions that will have you coming back for just one more try..
- Helps with geometry understanding
- Featuring the song Chibi Ninja by the amazing Eric Skiff (
- Colorful geometry characters: Squares, triangles, circles, slices, stars, octagons, and more (and maybe a unicorn or two!)

How to Play:

Touch the shapes on the paper in the same order displayed at the top of the screen.

The more sequences you get right, the higher your score will be!