MailChimp for Android

With just a few taps, you can manage your lists, add new subscribers, send campaigns, and view your reports. Create a campaign on your desktop, and send it from your Android once your team signs off. MailChimp's mobile app makes it easy to get your work done from wherever you are.

Manage your lists
Monitor the growth of your list, find subscribers near your current location, filter by group, find out who's most engaged, and more—all from MailChimp's mobile app.

Subscribers don't always request to be added to your list when they're sitting in front of their computers—sometimes they ask you in real life! Add those email addresses to a MailChimp list directly from your phone. You can also edit subscriber profiles and add notes on the spot.

Send campaigns
View all your campaigns in one place, and schedule or send a campaign when it's ready. Start a campaign back at the office, and quickly send it from your phone when it's ready to go out. We'll show you the same checklist you see in the web app, so you can make sure your campaigns are perfect before sending.

View reports
You don't have to be at your desk to check in on your campaigns and see how they're performing. MailChimp Mobile gives you instant access to all your campaign stats, including revenue reports. Find out where in the world your emails are being opened, who's tweeting about your newsletter, and how much money your campaigns are generating.

Share accounts
Your whole team can use MailChimp for Android without getting any wires crossed. If you've set up multi-user accounts, you can add any account with any permission level to MailChimp's mobile app.


Chimpadeedoo makes it easy to collect email addresses and import them into MailChimp.

Collect Addresses Offline
- Even when you're not online, Chimpadeedoo collects email addresses and stores them locally on your Android device. Next time you connect, Chimpadeedoo automatically pushes the addresses to your MailChimp list.

Customize Your Form
- Choose from 10 different themes or use your own. Pick your font and button style, write your own copy, and connect the form to any MailChimp list.

Protect Your Data
- Chimpadeedoo's app settings are password protected.

* Important Notes *
- Chimpadeedoo requires a MailChimp account. Sign up for a free account at


Mandrill’s mobile app keeps you up-to-date on all your account activity. Search for anything, sort sent email by bounces or rejections, monitor delivery, and track opens and clicks.

* Features *
- View Stats by Day, Week, or Month
- Sending Stats
- Open and Click Stats
- Search/Browse Sent Messages
- Sort Activity by Status (Sent, Bounced, Rejected)
- Lock the App with a Passcode

* More About Mandrill *
Mandrill runs on the delivery infrastructure that powers MailChimp, the world’s best email service provider.

MailChimp Editor

Create, edit, and send campaigns, even when you're offline.

Edit Campaigns
Use MailChimp's drag and drop and rich text editors to work on draft campaigns from wherever you are.

Easily add photos from your Android device or MailChimp gallery and edit them with Aviary. You can also create new HTML campaigns, right from the app.

Edit campaigns offline, and get real-time updates when someone is working on a campaign. Post feedback and review comments from inside the app.

If someone edits online while you're working offline, we'll show you any conflicts so you can easily resolve them.

Send from your Android device
Send your campaign when it's ready, even if you're on the move. Review your sending checklist and preview both desktop and mobile versions, just like you would from the web app.


AlterEgo adds an extra layer of security to your web app to thwart phishing attacks and breaches caused by insecure passwords.

It generates temporary auth codes only accessible on users' mobile devices and makes them required for entry. Even if passwords are compromised, AlterEgo blocks account access unless the user has the temporary auth code.

Golden Monkeys

"Very Important Push Notifications"
Every mailing list has some VIPs. Golden Monkeys helps you keep track of them on your smartphone.

* Real-time Alerts *
Don't bother with digging through your reports to find out if special people on your list have seen your email. Golden Monkeys sends you push notifications when they open and click.

* Activity Sharing *
If your special subscribers' activity is critical to your business, you can easily email it to co-workers.

* Subscriber Profiles *
See the activity and member ratings of your most important subscribers.

** Features **
- Receive push notifications about subscriber activity.
- See where your subscribers are located.
- Browse member ratings and recent activity.
- Email subscriber activity to your coworkers.
- Enable password protection in case your phone is lost or stolen.


Step 1
- Send a campaign including our Pyow! merge tag.

Step 2
- Have your customers bring in their coupons, either printed or on their smartphones.

Step 3
- Scan the coupon with Pyow!

Step 4
- Log in to MailChimp to see how many times it was redeemed.

* Features *
- Insert a QR coupon into any MailChimp campaign.
- Specify how many times the coupon can be used.
- Scan a printed coupon or scan coupon on a smartphone using Pyow!
- Find out how many people used the coupon.

Gather by MailChimp

Text alerts for events from the people who brought you MailChimp

Things happen fast at conferences and events. If you're a host, you might have important updates to get to your attendees and speakers, but no time to wait on a wifi connection or coffee break. Gather lets you text your guests as a group, and they can reply individually to you. Manage all your messages in one place so nothing gets lost. And as always, we'll keep your data safe. Phone numbers are removed from Gather when the event is over.

* Pick a Gather phone number, so you can keep your personal number private.

* Create a public form for your event. Then you can link it with a MailChimp list to invite your subscribers.

* Send guests a link to your Gather event form, where they can sign up to receive text alerts.

* Text the whole group at once. Guests can text you back, with no app or setup required.


Unfurlr is a QR scanner with built-in security features.

Scan a QR code and Unfurlr traces its path, so you know whether or not it’s safe before visiting the underlying web site.

We gather all the technical details and content from the link, without loading that content into your mobile browser.

* Features *
- Scan a QR code and view a security report
- Automatically check for a link you've copied to your clipboard so it can be checked
- Email security report