Martín Torres

OVNICA - UFO Photo Art

Martín Torres
With OVNICA, you can add UFOs to your photos and make them look real to make cool artistic creations or pranks to your friends! You can also take new photos to automatically see a UFO in them!

You can take a new photo or select an existing photo from gallery, and add one or more UFOs. For these seem more real, this app allows to:

- Scale a UFO
- Rotate a UFO
- Adjust the transparency of UFOs

After you have added the UFOs, you can save the photo into your gallery to prank your friends.

The application also has an automatic mode, in wich you can take a new picture, and automatically see a UFO in it. With this function you can make pranks to your friends even if they themselves take the picture.

Using the application

Manual mode: You can select a photo from your gallery, or take a new picture, and manually add UFOs to it. You can select from over 20 UFOs, and add as many as you want to the photo. You can scale them by gestures, and if you hold a UFO, you'll can rotate and adjust its transparency. Once you have achieved the desired affect you can save the photo and make pranks on people.

Automatic mode: take a photo, and a UFO will automatically appear in it! Simply touch the screen where you want the UFO to appear, take the photo, and a random UFO will appear. To make a prank to a friend, select automatic mode, touch the place you want the ufo to appear, ask him to take a picture, and he'll be surprised when he see a UFO in the picture.