Michal Vojtíšek

Free SMS Sender

Michal Vojtíšek
Send free SMS messages via web gateways/pages to numbers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and India. Cheap worldwide messages are supported too.

App features:
- connects to the Internet via WiFi or cellular connection before sending
- displays messages in conversations, notifies about new SMS or MMS, message management(details, delete, forward, ...), support contact icons = everything as your default messaging application application
- 4 application themes, and 2 different styles for message listing
- pinch-zoom or manual text sizing, remembers choice separately for conversation and message list
- accents removed before sending, Cyrillic converted to Latin if needed
- contact autosuggest when composing a new message
- gateway found by reciever number prefix, by last SMS sent free, when last 3 messages are paid then paid messaging is choosen
- manual selection of the gateway in the menu or send button long click
- supports text sharing, opening/writing SMS messages from other applications
- automatic signature to selected gates
- supported languages: Czech, Slovak, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian.

Without data plan use only wifi connection to send messages.

If you have questions or problems follow help at website: http://www.freesmssender.cz/en/

Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/freesmssender
Google+: http://goo.gl/IYx1T

Supported gateways:
- Vodafone CZ
- Vodafone Park CZ
- T-Mobile CZ
- T-zones CZ
- O2 CZ
- O2 CZ s registrací
- sms.sluzba.cz
- smsbrana.cz
- poslatsms.cz s registrací
- poslatsms.cz
- klikniavolej.cz
- Odorik.cz
- voocall.cz
- Orange SK - platený
- Orange SK
- O2 SK
- beeline.ru
- tele2.ru
- rapidmaza.com
- indyarocks.com
- clickatell.com
- way2sms.com
- fullonsms.com
- site2sms.com
- 160by2.com

Location Notifier - Foursquare

Michal Vojtíšek
Location Notifier powered by foursquare

Get instant notifications when you are close to the venues in your saved foursquare lists.

You won't miss an interesting venue anymore! This app reads your saved foursquare lists (including your To-Do) and once you are near one of them, it will notify you about it.

Created and published at #devfestcz 2013 using foursquare API and Google geofencing.

Add More Drama

Michal Vojtíšek


100% SCAM FREE!!!

First app ever, which can actually add more drama to your life!!!

Simple Call Blocker

Michal Vojtíšek
With this application you can block all incoming calls with just one click!

This app doesn't work on Android 2.3+ devices.

Feel free to contact me on e-mail for help!