My Dream Home Interior Design

FREE inspirational design gallery of everyday spaces! Collect, save, and share ideas for your new dream home! Live Wallpaper and slideshow features for browsing the HD interior photos too!

***Data connection needed to initially load images. Live wallpapers only work on phones that support live wallpapers***

Addicted to browsing beautiful interiors? Need a little inspiration on a design project? This HD image gallery collects the most amazing interior design ideas and applications, organizing them by rooms and elements.

***Save and share images for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, loft spaces, and nooks. Even browse design elements like fireplaces and stairs.
***New images added daily with an option for rotating image live wallpaper.
***Rotating Live Wallpaper image option for your home screen background
***Set any image as your wallpaper background
***Slideshow option to scroll through pics hands free
***Save any image to your phone or share via text, facebook, or twitter.

This app was built for the bored home owner looking for a change, new home owners needing some ideas, architects, interior designers, builders, developers, and anyone else who loves spending time browsing through beautiful spaces. Photography enthusiasts will also love browsing the incredible HD interior shots!

Tons of images... tons of ideas... Enjoy!

**Disclaimer... this app uses the Tumblr API to fetch images directly from Tumblr blogs via tags. We claim no ownership to any of the work displayed and are operating under the assumption that all work posted on Tumblr has been granted permission as is required by their Terms of Service when posting. If you see any work not compliant with copyright usage, please contact Tumblr directly. We'll gladly help in showing where the images are fetched from. Once removed from Tumblr, our app will no longer load it. We'll gladly help in any way we can.

Reacticons -funny texting pics

A picture is worth a thousand :)

Reacticons is a gallery of all reaction pics and memes for your text messaging conversations! (now works awesome with WhatsApp too!) Colons and parenthesis icons are for amateurs, and emoticons/emoji's are just plain old news. We are the real photo reaction alternative to smileys! Plenty of reaction pics for any emotion... all categorized and easy to use, easy to send, and easy to add text! Make a meme out of any image in the app or upload your own! 1700 current reaction backgrounds for you to use... more added daily! You can even use them for your phones wallpaper or contact icons!

***Internet/data connection required to browse new/recent reacticons***
***For saving images to phone... use the Export icon on the image pic once you've saved from the Browse area to your Favorites or another Folder.***

Reacticons also links to your text messaging application or Whatsapp chat so you can choose a reaction to send directly from your text message! Click 'attach', 'picture', then 'reacticons'! You can send any image from within the app!

Main features…

- TONS of reaction images/backgrounds for you! 1700 currently, more added daily!

- Organized reaction images for easy browsing!

- Favorites area for storing the best ones!

- Custom area for all your imported photos, camera shots, and Reacticons you've added text too!

- Meme creator built into the app for adding your own text to any of these awesome images!

- Easily attach Reacticons to your texts directly! No need to start in the app… no need to leave your texting conversation… just click add picture and select Reacticons!

- All the reaction images you save in the app are stored outside your phone’s gallery so it doesn’t clutter it up!

Bonus features…

- ‘send via’ option for sharing with facebook, twitter, picassa, etc..
- ‘set image’ feature for setting wallpaper and contact icons (hence the read/write contact date permission)
- rotate and/or crop any of your custom made Reacticons
- Camera option for taking your own reaction pics! Save them straight into the folder of your choice.
- Import pictures from your phone's gallery into Reacticons... add text to them as well! Perfect if you've already been collecting images from the Chive, Reddit, or Stumble Upon!

The Reacticons app connects you to… a huge collection of all kinds of reaction images and memes for you to use in your stock text conversations or Whatsapp chats! Fully organized so you can easily find the perfect pic! Scroll through tons of images and search by popular reaction tags!

New Reacticons are added daily and we automatically organize them into all the everyday reactions you’ll be needing…


Plus more!

***Thanks Starslay3r for an awesome write up! (

*****HTC Phones*****
Currently to attach a Reacticon image (while in your stock text messaging app) click 'attach', then 'picture', then 'gallery', then 'Reacticons'.

Are you constantly browsing Cheezburger, Reddit, 4Chan, Imgur, Memebase, 9gag, LOL, and Digg for funny reaction pics, Rage Comics, Chive, trolls, derps, face shots, yada, yada, yada… with no real purpose but to hoard pics?
Download our app and actually use 'em!!!