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Weather Barometer

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Weather Barometer allows you to detect weather changes using your phones inbuilt environmental pressure sensor.

Works like a classic barometer!

Takes into account your altitude from the GPS so it doesn't need calibrating and can work wherever you are. From sea level to the top of a mountain!

Permissions and Reasons for them:

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION is needed to use the GPS and read the altitude.

FULL INTERNET ACCESS are required for the little advertisement at the bottom. No data is ever transmitted anywhere!

Lorenz Attractor

Nemmy's Apps
A Lorenz Attractor fractal is an example of a strange attractor from chaos theory. It is a non-linear dynamic system that gives a non-repeating pattern!

This is a simple program to display a Lorenz Attractor and allow you to change the Rayleigh Parameter on it. You can spin it around to get a better look!


INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE required for the little advert at the bottom. Program itself does NOT use internet.