Kids Farm

Educational 4 games fun and colorful (puzzles, mazes, letters, and music).

This app provide your kids with a playful ways to approach learning, they will not realize that they are learning,

because it's fun, on the same time that they also deliver some solid learning.

Like all Nuah games, the game focuses on a specific educational lesson, so children and their parents find the game

really inviting and distraction-free.

Although it's perfect for preschoolers, who just love the game, many children of kindergarten age and in the early

grades also enjoy.

For more information please see the attached video, it shows a lot.


A fun game for kids and toddlers.

Kids Shapes

Check out our latest App for preschool.
This App will help to teach preschool children their shapes. It will also help children with shape recognition by getting them to indentify a shape from a group. This App is great for any preschool age kid or any child that is ready to learn the basic shapes including; circles, squares, triangles, ovals, rectangles, and more.

Kids Class

This small app will teach your children to count and to know shapes names.


A fun mufti-level break out game.

Kids Numbers

Kids Numbers (US English)
Kids Numbers is simple and clean user interface is designed to be child friendly, which allows to play without help from an adult.
Kids Numbers is the perfect way to build up your preschoolers core early learning number skills. Your children will enjoy a supportive, constructive and uniquely designed fun experience while building early number skills.
Kids Numbers teaches sequential order of numbers.
This application is specially designed for toddlers to enjoy with unique, fun graphics and cute sounds.