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OSU Mobile

Ohio State University
Hey Buckeyes, put campus in your pocket with the OSU Mobile app. Easy access to everything Ohio State offers, from viewing your grades to finding the nearest pizza shop. It’s free! Download it now!

* View grades and class schedules
* BuckID balances, transactions and meal swipes
* Real-time bus locator
* Automatic amenity recommendations
* Campus map, building details and amenities
* News, Events feeds
* Athletics news, schedules and photos
* Library catalog search and building locator
* Find People
* Browse O-H-I-O photos
* And more!

MoCK Test

Ohio State University
We introduce MoCK Test: the Mobile Clinical Knowledge Test App. Loaded with 800+ Spanish medical questions, it is the best companion for Spanish speaking medical students willing to test and practice their knowledge, or to prepare for a clinical knowledge test. Version 1.0 targets, but it is not limited to, students preparing for the Chilean Unique Medical Knowledge Test (EUNACOM).

With a simple user interface, MoCK Test allows you to quickly select a clinical category and start testing your knowledge. Immediate feedback for every answer plus global statistics on users performance allow users to focus their study hours on their weaker areas. A quick registration requires the user to indicate country and university of medical studies and year of graduation. MoCK Test reserves the right to anonymously store users’ usage statistics. MoCK Test requires internet connection.

OSU Wireless Setup

Ohio State University
This official tool of The Ohio State University will help you connect your android device to the osuwireless network.

After you've connected for the first time, you should be able to automatically connect without the need to run this utility again.

Please note that if you change your Ohio State password in the future, you WILL need to run this utility again.


Ohio State University
Service2Facilities Mobile provides a convenient way for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors of The Ohio State University to provide instant feedback on issues on the university’s facilities and grounds. This could be a crack in the sidewalk as one walks across campus, or a light bulb that’s burned out in a student’s residence hall room. It’s fully integrated with the university’s Service2Facilities system to enable quick response.

Buckeye Stroll

Ohio State University
Take a walk through Ohio State University history using Buckeye Stroll, a location-aware mobile application developed by the OSU Libraries. Buckeye Stroll features a map view of more than 60 sites of interest on The Ohio State University campus, and a browse view for locating a known site by name. Each stop on the tour includes several historical photographs from the OSU Photo Archives, featuring highlights of the University’s history.

Expand Your World

Ohio State University
The "Expand Your World" app lets students and other OSU stakeholders have a cultural, demographic, economic and linguistic background of the 31 languages taught at Ohio State. It contains a short intro video, a quiz and 25 practice audio phrases.


Ohio State University
RUOK: OSU provides access to 24 hour/365 day suicide prevention crisis lines, geographically closest to the caller's physical location. Provides the national Lifeline number and additional resources and suicide prevention information.


Ohio State University
Review and share feedback to make your campus cleaner for everyone.