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Saving Made Simple - Money App

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A money management app that creates simple but powerful budgets that help you meet future savings goals or pay off upcoming bills or expenses. The #1 Saving Money App on Android!

Our free money manager automatically prioritizes your budgets and goals, suggests routine payments to meet your savings targets, tracks your savings progress and reminds you of upcoming due dates! There's no easier way to save money on Android.

Looking for the Ad-free Donate Version? Click here: http://goo.gl/LPwys

"Love love love this.. I see my goals in real time with how much money I will need to save monthly, weekly, & daily. . It makes me feel my goals are more achievable..." - B. Gajdos

"By far, one of the friendliest apps out there. Easy to use and a perfect way to sock some money away for large or small goals without annoying bloat." - A. Griffin

• Set a PIN and enable the App Lock to secure your financial information!
• Quick overview shows exactly how much money to save for all goals!
• Create unlimited budgets and savings goals in over 65 different foreign currencies.
• Split your goals & bills into daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly required amounts.
• Highly customizable notifications remind you of your savings goals and progress.
• Create repeating payments to automatically track automatic payments from your bank account.
• Home screen widgets provide easy tracking and 1-click access to your budgets and goals.
• English, Spanish, Italian, French & German supported.

• Budget money for vacations, track your future property taxes, save for school tuition, etc.
• Track your personal finances such as savings, bill payments and other expenses.
• Manage your money simply, goals, bills and budgets are split into easy regular payments.
• Create budgets to pay off your credit cards, expenses, mortgage or other debts.

Your privacy is safe, Saving Made Simple does not require any personal information whatsoever. Our app requires no bank account information nor any connections to your financial institutions.

Rest assured, if your phone is lost or stolen your financial accounts will not be at risk!

Saving money doesn't have to be complicated. Personal finance apps like Mint, EasyMoney and Money Lover, are good, but they don't focus solely on helping you save money. Saving Made Simple is unbeatable when it comes to saving money simply and stress-free.

Never worry about your personal finances again! Download the #1 personal finance and money saving app on Android now!


Q: Where are the widgets?
A: Make sure the app is not installed on the SD Card, widgets only work if the app is installed on the internal storage.

Q: The app's installed on internal storage, but widgets aren't enabled?
A: If you're using the free version, you must Share the app socially (tweet, Facebook like, Google +, etc.) with your friends before widgets are enabled. Once you share, please wait 10 seconds for the app to confirm your kind gesture.

Kids Zone Parental Controls

Out of the Park Apps
The most advanced and easiest to configure Android Parental Control on the market!

Kids Zone is an app lock with unique parental controls. In three easy steps parents can prevent children from accessing any unwanted apps or phone/tablet functions! Our parental lock protects your child & your device by locking kids into a safe Kids Zone that contains only children’s apps that you approve.

Note: an Android screen lock (Settings > Security) must be set on all devices using Kids Zone's parental controls. No app can prevent a child from rebooting a device, with a Screen Lock set, kids will know not to reboot the device as the screen lock will prevent all further device access!

Chore Mode Monitors Children’s Play Time
Kids Zone is the only parental lock to offer Chore Mode! When Chore Mode is enabled and the time limit you set passes, the screen will become 100% locked until the child completes their homework and or chores! Once the chores are complete, Chore Mode can be disabled, or you can restart Chore Mode allowing it to lock the device again when the time’s up!

The Ultimate Parental Lock & Control
Kids Zone is the ultimate parental control. Besides restricting access to only kid’s apps and limiting the amount of time kids can play, Kids Zone’s app lock will also:
• Relock the device automatically if it's rebooted!
• Block children making phone calls or texts (a Quick Unlock is available for incoming calls)
• Automatically reload apps for small children (Pro Version - http://goo.gl/Jk0ayS)
• Prevent access to the Internet and block ad clicks
• Block in-app purchases or app installs
• Allow you to create a secret PIN to control the app lock
• Prevent kid’s apps hidden on your phone from being opened
• Block access to Home, notifications, system menus, all device settings and personal data

Other Great App Lock Features
• Create profiles of children's apps for each child (Pro Version - http://goo.gl/Jk0ayS)
• Create a custom PIN required to unlock your device
• Can remove default PIN so Teens can’t unlock the device
• Kids Zone analyzes apps on your phone for kid-friendly apps
• Quick Unlock allows parents to quickly take incoming calls

Permissions – Why They’re Needed

Kids Zone requires NO Internet connection (Pro Version - http://goo.gl/Jk0ayS requires Internet). Only the following permissions are needed:

Phone Calls – This permission allows the app lock to monitor incoming phone calls. If a phone call is detected, a quick unlock screen is shown to allow you to easily answer the call. Kids Zone never makes any phone calls, nor accesses your phone records, it only detects incoming calls for your convenience.

System Tools – These tools are used to monitor your device for running apps and ensures that only children’s apps are loaded. Kids Zone draws over locked apps to prevent them from being accessed, and finally, the device is kept awake so that you and your child aren't bothered by lock screens.

Kids Zone Child Lock Pro Ver.

Out of the Park Apps
Pro Version of Kids Zone the Ultimate Parental Control and Child Lock for Android! Looking for the free version? Click here: http://goo.gl/5KL2BI!

Why Buy the Pro Version of Kids Zone?
• Advertisements will never be shown
• Create unlimited profiles for your kids (free version - 1 profile)
• Add unlimited numbers of apps to each profile (free version - 6 apps)
• Auto-reload can be set to automatically reload apps for small children (free version - n/a)
• Support a small Android developer and the continued development of Kids Zone!

Kids Zone Child Lock is a parental control app which keeps children safe (and parents from worrying) by restricting children to a secure area full of children's apps that you select.

Not only does Kids Zone enforce parental controls on your device, but it also ensures your children complete their chores! Kids Zone features a motivational tool called Chore Mode that entices kids to finish their chores so they can continue playing on the phone! Additionally, Chore Mode can be used to lock the screen completely after a certain amount of time, or can be repeated at regular intervals to help kids tackle big projects in small chunks!

Kids Zone allows your children to use their favorite paid and free kids apps, while keeping the rest of your phone totally locked. Our app lock technology constantly monitors your phone and ensures your child only uses the kids apps you've picked in their profile.

1. Create a profile for the child.
2. Pick children's apps to add to the profile.
3. Tap the Lock Phone button to totally secure your Android phone!

Kids Zone is the easiest and most effective parental app lock for Android. As you can see, it takes just three steps to create your kid's profile, pick some children's apps and apply the parental lock; parental control on Android has never been easier!

Kids Zone's app lock technology is unique and was tested with hundreds of children's apps without a single failure! Go ahead, download our app lock now and see if your kids can break out of the kids zone! We doubt it, but if they do, we'd love to hear from you at kidszone@ootpapps.com

• Relock the device automatically if it's rebooted!
• Create a secret PIN that even teenagers can't break!
• Unique technology scans your phone for kid-friendly apps
• In-app purchases, ads and Internet access are automatically blocked
• Prevents kids from accessing apps they've hidden on your phone
• Prohibits access to all phone settings, features and calls
• Quick unlock allows you to answer phone calls quickly if the parental lock is on
• Your device is kept awake so the lockscreen won't interfere with your child's use

Saving Made Simple - Donate

Out of the Park Apps
Please ensure you are on version 6.0 of Saving Made Simple: http://goo.gl/xuiTR
This is the donate (ad-free and even more awesome) version of Saving Made Simple, the free personal finance & money app that shows you exactly how to save money for any goal!

Looking for the Free Version of Saving Made Simple? Click here: http://goo.gl/xuiTR

• Removes bottom banner ads.
• Removes exit ads.
• Enjoy a clean & beautiful user interface!
• Help ensure the future development of many more great money saving features.

Our latest personal finance app - Saving Made Simple - creates a robust yet user-friendly money manager in the palm of your hand. Effortlessly budget money for upcoming bills, debt payments and savings goals with only a few clicks! Our intuitive personal finance app prioritizes your goals and breaks them down into manageable and timely payments. Convenient widgets and notifications remind you of your saving progress, while also keeping you informed of upcoming due dates for bill payments.

• Know exactly how much to save: our app breaks down your savings goals into routine payments.
• Savings goals, bills and budgets are automatically prioritized by their due dates.
• Budget for upcoming bills and savings goals in 65+ currencies!
• Set up notifications to remind you of your savings progress and due dates for upcoming bills and savings goals.
• Track automatic payments from your bank account with simple recurring payments!
• Use widgets to quickly glance at your home-screen and see the status of your savings goals!

• Save money for vacations, budget for your upcoming car insurance, save for textbooks, etc.
• Set up goals to regularly pay off your mortgage and credit cards saving you interest expense!
• Avoid penalties by setting up savings goals with due dates for bill payments and expenses.

Your privacy is safe as our app does not require any personal information whatsoever. No bank account information nor any connections to your financial institutions are necessary to save money with Saving Made Simple.
If your phone is lost or stolen you can rest assured that our app has no connections to your bank or other financial institutions!

Never before has an app been designed exclusively to help you reach your money savings goals with a minimum amount of effort and stress.

Saving money and budgeting for the future doesn't have to be complicated. This app isn't a replacement for Mint, EasyMoney, or Money Lover, instead, it's a simplification of the main goal: to save money conveniently.

Download Saving Made Simple today and start accomplishing the savings goals you've always dreamed of!