Developers Tools

Developers Tools provide advanced users and developers with a set of development tools that enable you to determine:

- Which processes are currently running and using CPU cycles
- The touch location of your device, helping you debug your hardware
- Your device configuration e.g. Display metrics (screen density), locale(en_US), device orientation (1: portrait, 2: landscape etc) and more.
- Your device location in raw values provided by the Android framework and when they were last updated
- You can measure your application/device robustness by toggling your wifi connectivity periodically
- See which activities, services, receivers and providers are registered by all your application and view their detailed information
- Change animation speeds to speed up/add effects to your device
- Media scanner that allows you to immediately scan your sd card and update them in applications like Gallery
- Create bad behavior by crashing main thread, report wtf conditions, cause ANR's etc
- Manage accounts

This application has been tested on various devices. Due to security, some features do not work on every device. If you have such a platform, it is unfortunate, please ignore that capability. A set of these tools will be available for other api level (froyo, better ics support) in the future.

This application uses a lot of permissions and does so legitimately. None of them are used for malicious purposes and we can assure you that is the case.

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The Development/Porting of this application is ad-supported. Please report any issues and we will get back to you/fix the bug.