For the die hards, the scream hards and trading card fans.
The over-the-top fan, the I knew it fan, the dancing Homer fan
For the molotov cocktail, beached whale, and ‘we will prevail’ fan
The “where were you when” fan and “never again” fan.
For the “I can’t look now “ and “I can’t stop looking” fan.
The fan that can’t shut up, the fan that puts up, and the fan that looks up.
The I’ve got a gut feel fan, the stats don’t lie fan and the sack the gaffer fan
For the prawn sandwich fan, throw the remote at the TV fan and the forget the season fan
For the don’t move from your position superstitious fan,
The “i woulda made that play“ fan and stick it to the ref fan,
For the hug anyone next to you fan, the longsuffering and on cloud 9 fan,
The new age WAG, Waving the team flag, And even the scum bag….

Whichever fan is in you, we’re for you.

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