Protocol - X

SU File Manager & Terminal

Protocol - X
Root Explorer, Terminal, Search, mount, CHMOD, Symlink, view/edit/save, Run Scripts, Email, Home/Favs, Multi-Select, Zip Support, PC Browser.

★ Distorted UI or Issues on Tablets★
--Turn off Compatibility Mode
-- SpareParts > Compatibility Mode > Reboot

if you cant copy/paste you dont have busybox or its not installed right.
If the toolbar is cut off the DPI is not set standard, its the ROM not the app.
★ROOT & BusyBox REQ★

Dual Mount SD Widget

Protocol - X
This widget Modifies a setting that will allow you to mount your SD card to your phone and PC/Radio/ect at the same time.

*Do Not Use android auto mount option*

Option to auto Mount on USB Connection
Option to run MediaScanner on Unmount.

Changes may not reflect on both devices instantly but are there.

Please contact for any issues as we have no ability to help via comments.

**Working on Galaxy S Bug**


**DO NOT Move Widgets tot he Sdcard, they will stop working**


Protocol - X
ADW IconPack
LauncherPro icons

Text2Icon supports ADW.Launcher & ADWLauncher EX using seamless integration. Multiple other home replacements and launchers are supported as well via the Export Icon option.

Text2Icon is an application for creating Text Icons directly on your phone.

To use with ADW:

1] Long-Press a desktop icon
2] Select "Edit"
3] Tap the current icon image
4] Select "ADWTheme IconPacks"
5] Choose Text2Icon
6] Create your Icon
7] Press the "Set Icon" button

To use with other Launchers:

1] Open Text2Icon via you application list
2] Create your Icon
3] Press the "Export Icon" button
4] Use your launchers specific change icon option and browse to your images via the internal image chooser.


-Two individually editable lines of text
-RGB color chooser
-Alpha transparency
-Linkable settings to adjust both lines at the same time
-Adjustable text alignment
-Adjustable text spacing
-Independent line spacing
-Auto save all settings.
-Three Different Font imports:
--Included font pack
--Device internal fonts
--User selected external font directory

Download Buddy

Protocol - X
Save Gmail Attachments
Download Crutch
Megaupload Files

This is a background service that allows you to download and save ANY attachment from Gmail, a Website File or link onto your phone in the directory of choice.

Share Interceptor. Having trouble with 3rd party web browsers? Long press the link and choose to share/send.
Disable option included.

Gmail Attachments:
Open the message, press PREVIEW.

File from the Internet:
Click link in a message or web browser.


Download any file/attach.
Open after download option
Download Manager

Please contact for additional file support or if Links aren't working.

Due to the complexity of some download types all downloads may not work. If you contact us with links that are not working we will do what we can to resolve the issue, but due to the way some web pages are programmed there may not be a resolution.

If you are having a force close issue, please email us with exactly what steps need to be taken to duplicate the issue.

If you DO NOT want the downloaded file to automatically open when its finished, toggle the preview button off which is to the right of the save button. The settings extensions are only for turning off download support.

Thank you.

Reboot Control Widget

Protocol - X
Reboot Widget


This Widget will allow you to reboot any device including


Hot Boot
Reboot to Recovery
Reboot to Bootloader
Power Off
Wipe Device

Do not move to SD card or it will disappear.

**Slowness is cause by the phone not the app**


PLEASE DO NOT MOVE widgets to the SDcard they wil vanish. This is not an app issue it is the way google designed moving apps to the SD.

The Wipe button requires confirmation once pushed so there is no need to worry about accidently hitting it.

X-Shot Screenshot & Capture

Protocol - X
X-Shot is a very simple application to take screen shots and screen captures any device running Android 3.0+.

**May Require Root on some Devices**
**If you see blank images your phone Requires Root**

To use simply start the application.
once started, tap the icon in the notification bar.
Its that Easy.

Designed with Tablets in Mind but can be used on any 3.0+ device.

Screen Shot
Screen Capture
Screen pic
Screen Grab

L.E.S Linux Enhancement System

Protocol - X
**Linux Users**

L.E.S is a user contributable database of Linux Executables, Scripts, and Libraries specifically built to run on the Android OS.

L.E.S. allows easy management of these files with a single click.

L.E.S. is still in the growing phase, please email suggestions, problems or questions.

Swiss Army Root Tool

Protocol - X
S.R.T. is an Access anywhere quick access root tool.
S.R.T. is accessible from any application without having to minimize or close out the application.

**Requires ROOT**


1) Access Anywhere Any Time
2) Mount RW/RO
3) Reboot
4) Reboot Recovery for handsets with a recovery image
5) Custom command Option

Application will not run properly if it has been moved to the SDcard. Do NOT move to the sdcard please.