Drinking Mirror

A magic mirror shows you how much better you will look if you drink a little less alcohol.

Developed for the Scottish Government in their "Drop a Glass Size" campaign.

Smoking Time Machine

Smokers - you can now glimpse into the future!

Smoking Time Machine shows you how you will look in 10 and 20 years' time with the effects of smoking.

Effects include deeper wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, a grey pallor to the skin and sagging jowls. Also, see how much better you will look as a non-smoker.


ClickDebt Mobile is a powerful Enforcement Officer reporting app that makes reporting simple, fast and secure.

AXCELA Pellet Checker

AXCELA Pellet Checker helps you calibrate your slug pellet spreading in the field.

From Lonza, the manufacturers of Meta® metaldehyde, the AXCELA Pellet Checker helps you not only get the most from your AXCELA pellets, by helping you to calibrate for the correct application rate, but also provides you with a handy, always available guide to slugs, their control and the principles of Integrated Pest Management.

•A first - the only app that allows you to check the accuracy of your spreader in the field, using your phone’s camera
•Comprehensive information about the most important slug species
•In-depth advice on how to get the best control for your farm
•Full information on good stewardship and the use of Integrated Pest Management
•Links to calibration tables for the most common spreaders

AXCELA Pellet Checker has been tested and calibrated by Lonza for use with AXCELA slug pellets. It should be used only as a guide to accuracy; certain soils and conditions may affect its capabilities. You should always satisfy yourself, through good practice, that it reflects the results you are seeking to achieve. Please go to http://www.axcela.eu/legal-disclaimer.aspx for more information. Full information about the AXCELA pellet can be found at www.axcela.eu