Droid Justice

Welcome to Mr. Droid’s Space Mission….. who is trying to save the planets from alien invaders. Each planet is captured by some of the enemies...So, Mr.Droid has to shoot them in order to proceed…. Wanna help him??
'Droid Justice' is an addicting and exciting physics based shooting game. In this game, one has to determine the angle to shoot the enemies. The walls are all elastic and the bullet is reflected when it hits the wall. However, there are some non-elastic walls which do not reflect bullets.
Carefully plan your mission, shoot the enemies and be the hero of the space world.

Rising Balls

Unique Puzzle game ‘Rising Balls’ is now available on Android. Planet Rejoice is all about bringing the ‘Planet of Peace’ with the worry ones in order to make world a happy and peaceful place.
Planet of peace is blessed with the quality that as he touches other planets they become like him. So, he wants to use its magical quality to make the world a Paradise.
The only thing standing between him and the worry planets is you---that is your help to bring him close to the worry planets by removing the possible blocks and form a collision between them. But don’t forget that his friend “aid” is also there to help you out.
Rising Balls is incredibly fun. The player will not stop playing until the end.