Gocco Fire Truck: 3D Kids Game

The fire alarm is ringing! You are the firefigher of this city. Rush to the scene and put out the blaze! Rule is simple. Collect as much water as possible during the way with your fire truck and then teach the big fire ball called "General Blaze" a good lesson by putting out the fire. Ready, set, GO!

In the world of Gocco Fire Truck, everything including fire trucks, trees and houses has it’s own personality. Even “General Blaze” may not be all that bad of a guy, just someone who wants extra attention.

■ Rush to the scene!
Collect "Aqua"(water) from the bucket ("Pail") and the fire hydrant ("FH") on your way to the scene but watch out! Avoid obstacles (Cars, Buses, Fire hiding inside a drum) that may drain your precious water by swiping the fire truck right and left. "Aqua" may be flying in the air so to collect it, make your fire truck jump by swiping it. If you get lucky, you can collect a feather ("Wings") or a helmet ("Helmet") hiding inside the drum, an item that can help you tremendously!

■ Put out the blaze!
Drag the fire hose and extinguish the "Mini Blaze" in the building and shoot water into the mouth of "General Blaze". If you lose sight of him, move the fire hose and find him. You have 2 fire hoses so you can enjoy co-play. Beat "General Blaze" before the building collapse and you win!

Whoa! The fire alarm is ringing again! You're on.

■ Simple swipe controls that are easy to use and just feel right
■ Great design for you and the child to co-play
■ Win the all mighty "Fire Truck Max" if you collect 3 stars in all 3 nations (including the Premium Stages)
■ Free to play - Free content includes basic fire truck and 3 US stages. Premium Fire Trucks (Fire Truck Air / Fire Truck Bomber) & Premium Stages (9 more in US, 12 more in Japan and 12 more in UK) are available through In-App Purchases.
■ No third-party advertising
■ Ideal for kids 3-9 years

"Gocco" means make-believe in Japanese and in Gocco apps, kids enjoy role-playing which enhances a child’s ability to learn and think for themselves. Our goal is to help kids discover what they are really interested in and stimulate their creativity. The aim is that kids will develop and maximize their creative potential.

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Read Unlimitedly! Kids'n Books

Unlimited access to all of our kid's books! Get your FREE trial!
New books added every month to our much loved, more than 2 million downloaded app with great lineups of fairy tales, audio book, songs, simple learning games for toddlers, educational activities for kindergarten, bedtime stories and many more. Tap,listen and interact with it to stimulate babies and kid's imagination like all great toys.

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8 months to 12 years of age.

** All parents, boys and girls will love reading and playing it over and over again!
We've selected must read stories, some in a fun game feature and for you and the young ones to read and play.
- To optimize children's reading experience, we've carefully designed every component in the app, including script, narrations, BGM, movement and lovable characters.
- You can switch off the "read to me" mode and read along it by yourself. This is very effective to learn how to read.

** Fairy tales from the West (Andersen, Grimm, Aethope and others)
- Three little pigs story
- The little mermaid
- Cinderella
- Snow White
- Rapunzel
and others

** Fairy tales from the East
- The peach boy

** First words for kids
- Living room / dining room, Kitchen
- Bathroom
- Numbers / Colors
- Body / Clothes
- Zoo / Aquarium

** Tap'n seek song book
- The Bear Went Over The Mountain
- ABCsong / fun alphabet toddler game
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
- Old McDonald

** Rising Dino
Be a part of the dino expedition team! Dig up various dino bones and bring them back to life! In this app, have fun learning about dinos through great illustrations, sound effects and action in a game like feature. It's like having a dinosaur excavation and a bunch of pet dinosaurs with you at all times!
- Where are the dino bones hiding? Swipe the screen and dig them up. When you swipe even more, the dinos will come back alive!
- Tap the dinos and listen to them make realistic sounds. Detailed dino info.
- A fun preschoolgames for little kids.

** Mr.Connecto =search and connect adventure book=
- When you tap characters, they will tell you what they want. Search for relating people that will fulfill their needs from the map and "Connecto", make both of them happy! Awsome
kids educational game.
- There are 50 characters in the map and they will randomly move around each time you start the app. So, you won't get tired of playing "Connecto".
- Kid's favorite characters such as fireman and police officers, people that are active in our daily lives, and hilarious ones will appear in "Connecto". This is also a fun learning material for social studies.

** Babies love books/Perfect games for babies
- Selling over 10 million baby books and creating mega hit baby shows on national TV, Yuichi Kimura now produced a series of apps combining interactive stories and videos just for babies.
- You will be amazed to see them glued to the story, having fun and actually start tapping!
- Some contains story and songs for children that makes children sleep.

Monthly subscription (auto-renewal)

**About Auto Renewal Subscription
- Subscription automatically renews until auto renew is turned off by the user at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to Google Account at confirmation of purchase.

Gocco Doodle - KidsPaint&Share

Welcome to Gocco Doodle! This app allows you to show off your wonderful doodles all around the world. You can choose from varieties of cool themes to draw on and use magical brushes with sound and special effects. The lines you’ve drawn will start moving and their doodles will turn into a fun movie!

We want kids to have fun with kids all over the world by sharing their doodles. This is what we are passionate about. We hope you and your child will jointly enjoy drawing and have massive fun on this world stage.

■ Kid’s favorite doodle themes
There are many themes that stimulate kid’s creativity.
Theme examples: lion with no mane, car with no wheels, colorful town, free white space etc…

■ Doodle brush with color, sound and movement!
Magical brush with sound and special effects is a perfect tool to indulge kid’s creativity.
Brush examples: rainbow, car, train tracks, rain, cloud, flowers, notes, fireworks, flame, polka dots, footprints etc. (Including some paid brush items.)

■ Take a photo in our painter outfit
After you finish your doodle, pick your national flag and take your picture! We will transform you into a funny painter outfit instantly!!

■ Show it off around the world! Post your doodles!!
Your posted doodles will be shown in a list with all the other doodles from kids around the world. Put a heart mark on the ones you like and show them your love!

■ Including some paid brush items.
1.The doodles will show of the path they’ve taken while drawing in a movie. You will know how your friends worked on their doodles.
2. The lines in the doodles will move at once. Wisely use the moving and not moving brush and create your original movie!

■ Save and share your masterpiece!
You can save your doodle in your device and share them via Facebook and email. Show them to your mom and dad at work and even to grandma and grandpa living far away.

■ More Fun! Get it all Pack!
You can enjoy this app for FREE, but can purchase "Get it all Pack", too. This pack comes with additional brushes and more storage to save your doodles.

■ No third-party advertising

■ Ideal for Ages 3 to 12

"Gocco" is a brand name for Smart Education, Ltd.’s kid’s app. We believe kids can build their ability to learn and think for themselves through enjoying role-playing. Our goal is to stimulate kid’s creativity all around the world that will, in the long run, offer them the vital power to live.

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Gocco ZomBeat-Kids Music Game

Welcome to Gocco ZomBeat! Gocco ZomBeat is a drum and base rhythm game played by, none other than “zombies”! You become the drummer and basist, forming a zombie band, and enjoy playing tones of great music!

In the year 20XX, a legendary 3 piece rock band mysteriously vanished from the music scene. Only the lead female vocalist came back alive but both the drummer and basist was not found and presumed dead.…. Being shocked out of her wits, one day the vocalist was walking around the cemetery as if she was guided by someone, started playing a requiem for them. Then....

ZomBeat is designed to encourage kids to like music by letting them play and enjoy with rhythm through drum, base and musical scales, the foundation of music. Become a piece of the zombie band and make the crowd go wild with your hot beat!

Game Description
- Tap the notes and percussions running towards you!
- Instruments transformed into zombies will hit the beat.
- You can learn the fundamentals of music as if you are playing a game.
- Play for FREE! 2 FREE trial songs including “Canon Rock You” version.
- By subscribing, you can play with over 20 songs! Approx. 5 new songs added every month.
-No 3rd party ads included.
-Ideal for kids 9+

Music Education
“Rhythm” is the most important fundamental in music. In level 1, you can learn it by playing the drum. Tap the 2 lanes (left and right) as if you are clapping your hands and train your sense of rhythm.

The drum is not the only rhythm section. The base is a typical rhythm instrument as well. In level 2, the left lane will become the base. Learn a brand new rhythm created by combining both the left and right side.

The base consist the fundamentals of cords. Listen carefully and strengthen your senses to the sound of rhythm and base from the 2 different lanes.

If you can build your sense of rhythm and cords, you are seconds away from being the music god! We will guarantee your life will be fruitful with music.
If you can step up to Level 3, here you can enjoy the real drum sensation!

Master the toughest music scores and receive the honorary “Super Star” award!
In ZomBeat, you can enjoy co-play. Divide the 2 lanes with 2 people and finish the music in harmony. The pair could be a parent and child, brothers, sisters or 2 good friends.
Play your hot beat and awaken the zombies!

High quality instrument sounds guaranteed:
We’ve recorded live drum and base sounds to provide high quality sounds for you to enjoy.

*Song lineups (including songs to be released in a month).

Popular classic and nursery rhyme:
Amazing Grace
Canon (rock ver.)
William Tell
London Bridge(Rock and London)

*Releasing more new songs!

*You will not be able to play with the songs you’ve downloaded after you cancel your subscription. Turn off auto-renewal to cancel subscription.

About GOCCO:
"Gocco" means make-believe in Japanese and in Gocco apps, kids enjoy role-playing which enhances a child’s ability to learn and think for themselves. Our goal is to help kids discover what they are really interested in and stimulate their creativity. The aim is that kids will develop and maximize their creative potential.

Gocco Zoo - free toddler game

"very playful, and easy to get to grips" - APPS PLAYGROUND
"Gocco Zoo is incredibly cute" - GEEKS WITH JUNIORS

Welcome to Gocco Zoo! Gocco Zoo is a magical zoo that lets you play with animals in a very unique way. You can take care of the animals, paint on them with our various tools and even invent your own new species! Take care of them and the animals will change into something brimming with character and humor!

To get started, tap an animal you want to play with and feed them. They will show you what “creativity” is all about. Once you get the feel for it, tap the colorful tree on the right which will take you to the drawing area. Be creative with the brush, patterns and stamps that come in various colors. Made a mistake? Just feed them milk!

After finishing your animal, move onto the photo shoot area by tapping the rock on the left. You can switch and choose the color of the background rock by tapping the spotlight. The animals might show you a trick or two if you take real good care of them. Save the moment with our camera and show them off to your friends!

■ Feed your animals - Your animal will change into…!
■ Paint them - Use paint brush, patterns and stamps
■ Save the moment - Your animal might do something special for you
■ Show them off - Share your animals with your friends
■ Endless play that stimulates the imagination
■ Free to play - Free content includes 3 animals (Elephant, Panda, Kangaroo) and basic painting tools & colors. Premium Animals (Triceratops, Unicorn, Saber-toothed cat) & Painting tools are available through In-App Purchases.
■ No third-party advertising
■ Ideal for Ages 2 to 5

"Gocco" means make-believe in Japanese and in Gocco apps, kids enjoy role-playing which enhances a child’s ability to learn and think for themselves. Our goal is to help kids discover what they are really interested in and stimulate their creativity. The aim is that kids will develop and maximize their creative potential.

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こどもテレビ 赤ちゃん幼児子供向けのアプリ こどもモード動画






■機能1 <2つのモードの切り替え機能>

■機能2 <3つの安心 ~ 「こどもモード」利用時の機能>