Sean A.O. Harney

Get My MSL

Sean A.O. Harney
Get My MSL will display your Master Subsidy Lock code. This app is absolutely free, and ad-free.

Please realize that this does not work on all devices (most HTC) before leaving negative feedback. Thank you. I am currently collecting data on which devices it will and will not work oh, and manually excluding devices which will not work on so it does not show up in their android market.

It will work on most Android Phones (all those which store the code as property ril.MSL). A rooted device is not required.

The MSL code is needed for access to various hidden system configuration menus (e.g. the one accessed via dialing ##33284# on a Samsung Transform Ultra). Get My MSL will give you your MSL code without the need to use adb shell or have a terminal app installed.

This version requires INTERNET permissions because it allows the user to decide if they would like to send a feedback report after attempting to get the MSL (such things as make and model of phone, OS version, etc. Not your MSL or any other personal information!).

This way I can find out what devices can and can't be supported and exclude this app from showing in the market for those devices (HTC + many others). I will make the dataset public.

View Shared Prefs

Sean A.O. Harney
View Shared Prefs requires a rooted device!

It is absolutely free, and ad-free. It allows you to browse and view all available SharedPreferences XML files on the system.

Using a rooted phone with the super user app, you only have to confirm root access a single time, then you can browse the Shared Preferences as much as you want. The main screen lists all installed packages that have a shared preferences directory. After choosing a package to view, you are presented with a list of all of that packages SharedPreferences XML files. Next you may select one of these XML files to view its contents. Hit the back button at any time to return to the previous screen.

Future versions may include an XML editor and the ability to modify the files.

LED Easy Director

Sean A.O. Harney
LED Easy Director allows you to view and modify your LED devices found in the /sys/class/leds directory.

LED Easy Director should be run on a *ROOTED DEVICE*. If not it will only have limited functionality (list the LED Devices only). It only requires one superuser approval and can then be used to modify all LED devices.

On my Samsung Transform Ultra, the LED devices are red,blue,lcd-backlight,keyboard-backlight, and button-backlight. Of those, only lcd-backlight and keyboard backlight have more than two possible states. The rest either are on for any brightness value except for 0, and off for 0.

On some devices Linux automatically writes the max_brightness value (e.g. 255) when any value over 0 is written. This is why on some LED Devices the SeekBar will jump to the maximum value when it is pressed or tracked to any value other than 0.

Please note that LED Easy Director does not currently poll for changes in the brightness and max_brightness files. Although it has a Refresh feature, so another app, or adb shell user may modify the files and the result would not be updated in real-time. Future versions may periodically poll for changed files.

As usual for my free apps, this app is ad-free. Please leave me a rating and comments. Email me if you have any issues and I will try and work with you before leaving a bad rating or comment. Thank you!

Remount Widget

Sean A.O. Harney
Remount Widget will only have limited functionality unless your device is rooted!

This app is and will continue to absolutely free as in beer, and no advertisements!

Remount Widget is a homescreen widget that shows you the current status of the / (Root filesystem) and /system mount-points. It will let you know whether they are read-only or read/write. This functionality does not require root.

By clicking the widget you are brought to a preferences screen from which you can toggle either mount-point's R/O or R/W status with one click. This functionality requires root.

You can also change the Polling Interval which is how often the widget checks the status of the mount-points, since it is possible that another app, or a user using the adb shell/terminal has remounted the drives.

You can add as many instances of the widget as you want to your homescreens.

In a future the shape and color gradient of the widget will be customizable.

If you have any problems please email me and I will try and work with you before leaving any negative ratings or comments. Thank you!

View Cert

Sean A.O. Harney
View Cert is a utility which allows in-depth viewing of the SSL/TLS X.509 certificate chain for a given HTTPS website. It is free and there are no in-app advertisements. For phone and tablet, tested on Gingerbread and ICS.

List Permissions

Sean A.O. Harney
List Permissions is a simple app to show available Android Permissions for your Android device.

List Permissions is free and ad-free, and will remain so.

Please assist us in gathering data by sending a Feedback Report.

This is to help gather information on all the various Android Devices in the wild, and the data and statistics will be made available for free on our website."

The app will only send the feedback report if the user initiates it, and the full report is viewable before being sent. The report does not contain any sort of personal information.

Thank you for your interest in this app.