Android Office

Android Office

Currently supports for reading and editing MS Word files( .doc , .docx , .rtf , .xml), MS Excel files( .xls , .xlsx), MS PowerPoint files (.pptx), Text file, office XML files and CSV files.

This is a great product that you are about to discover.

No additional license is needed, no Ads, no Hidden fees, no Up sells, ~everything you need is included~, and most of all our support team is always at your service (we reply fast).


- Word, Text Files and RTF files : Create, View and Edit any word file ( .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .xml).
Export to PDF file(new), Spell Check, Search, Easy Selection, all buttons are dynamic, Decorate the selected text, Write Emails with this great editor and send them with your preferred Email account, add Pictures, in-app ready icons(like in the picture), Header/Footer, links, and many more features, real page size(option for viewing and zooming too), easy and fun to use, user friendly, Like the Word editor on your computer !

- Excel : Advanced excel editor, View, Edit and Save Excel files ( .xls, .xlsx), lets you create complex workbooks, easy and fast styling, includes presets that you create, all functions available for fast entry, spell check, all text styling and all cells styling, Zooming, easy to use, user friendly.

- PowerPoint : Unique PowerPoint editor, that lets you be very creative on the go and even at home, you might find it very useful for office presentations especially after you made it with this editor, many tools and features to let you achieve your goals, this editor is a must and it's included !

- CSV : View, Edit and Save CSV files, Sum Columns, Search and Edit, Sort descending/acceding according to any column, Save(save guard- to avoid lost of data).
Many records as you might need to load (100 records per page, many pages as your file is).
Add CSV, add one CSV file to another, letting you combine as many CSV files as you need into one file, easy to use, user friendly.

- Printing and emailing : You can print your documents, compose beautiful emails or attach your documents to an email.

- Tutorial section (NEW)- tutorial videos showing all the features available in Android Office editors, each editor has its own tutorial, button by button and task that might not be obvious at first glance.

According to your request, here are the permissions explanation :
- Internet access : used for Dropbox, Google license check and emailing.
- User Account info : used for registering Android Office (registration is not necessary to all users, only for those who failed to register in front of Google Play)

More information at our Web Site, feel free to contact our support team -

You can also watch the promo video.

Note : PDF editor is Coming next, you can now create PDF Files using the word editor.

* We are welcome your advice/suggestion, and we'll consider each and every advice carefully, our vision is to make Android Office as your favorite editor, simply because it's the best, please share your thoughts with us, let us know what can we do to improve this great editor - to make it even better, you can mail to , your suggestions.

**We recommend on ControlMyPc to transfer files from and to your computer, from anywhere in the world.

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Please Note: This is the last month that Android Office will run for $5.99, get your copy now to get it for the lowest price, all updates are free and it's all included.

ControlMyPc Remote Access RDP

Remote Access for PC/Mac, RDP Just like you wanted it to be.Full File Support!

ControlMyPc makes it easy to access and control your PC or Mac from anywhere in the world, And now more than ever, remote access never been easier for you, simply login from the computer that you wish to access, and you'll be able to connect to your computer using your Android device, no setup is needed, easy as entering your username and password, with integrated mouse pad and media remotes to control your Computer and favorite media players comfortably.

We do our best to provide the best customer support and we are proud in our support team.

No Additional license is needed, No ads, No hidden fees and our support is always available to you, please contact us with any question(we reply fast).
With ControlMyPc you can add several computers(any windows version 32/64bit/Mac/both)and connect to them simply by selecting them from a list that you create, zoom in/out, click on your screen naturally, fits to any screen size and any device, tested on most devices.

The main goal is to simplify for you the access to your computer from a remote location, and the design of ControlMyPc following this rule, you can change many features but you can also use the default settings.

You can say that it works just like you Wanted it to!


•Easy to use, fast, reliable and secured, Connect to your computer using username and password, that all you need to do to access your computer, no more hard setup, port forwarding or any other hassle.

•Easy to use online user guide, you can access it from any where, Showing you everything you need to know to make the most of ControlMyPc, you can also find tips to help you achieve specific tasks with ControlMyPc that might won't be obvious at first glance.

•Single/double click on your device screen just like you would do with your mouse without a cursor (cursor can be added too, many cursors to choose from), click on your screen naturally like a computer touch screen, which makes ControlMyPc easy and fun to use. High Precision.

•Right and left mouse clicks available in a separate buttons too.

•Mouse Wheel.

•Multi screen support (switch between the connected screens).

•Soft keyboard or QWERTY keyboard support(you can use both too), supporting all symbols.

•3D App navigating, like in the picture, with one click.

•Zoom in/out in various ways to support any device running Android OS.

•File support, Forgot a file at home ?! , that won't be a problem any more.

•Integrated mouse pad, lets you convert your Android device to mouse-pad with keyboard.

•Media players remote control, control iTunes, Winamp, windows Media Player, Divx.

•Any device screen size support.

•Easy settings letting you set ports, mouse sensitivity, and more...(you can use the defaults which is recommended)

•Keeps your Desktop aspect ratio.

•Support is always available(reply fast), helping with any process.

and much more, see recent changes and visit ControlMyPc help page to get more info about this great product, enjoy!

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