Horizon Toolbar

The Horizon Toolbar is loaded with features that make mobile browsing more social and useful than ever before. Stay connected, find deals, and discover apps while browsing on your mobile device – all without leaving the web page you’re on.

+ Be social - See what’s trending on all of your favorite social apps: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more!
+ Share – Share interesting articles, news and any page you’re viewing to any app on your mobile device quickly and easily.
+ Discover – Discover the latest mobile apps that everyone is using, find the latest mobile games that everyone is playing, and stay updated with everything that is trending.
+ Customize - Add, move, and remove your buttons from the toolbar and even create your own extensions to your favorite websites.
+ Shop and save – Get recommendations on great deals and discounts when shopping online.
+ Stay Informed – Easily access related information for the page you’re on with information apps like Wikipedia and IMDB.
+ Add More! Add any of your favorite websites as a custom button, and browse for new buttons as they become available

Download the Horizon Toolbar now to create and personalize your own unique mobile browsing experience!