It is an application that combines photo editing multiple photos. 4 simple steps how to do this!

1.Would like to select multiple photos!
2.Will apply to styles that are available!
3.Deco wax and text Stamp!
4.I will send to a friend finished!

app features

1. can be combined into a single image of multiple photos
2. More than 100 combinations of patterns can be
3. stamp of approximately 200
4. About 30 different background patterns
5. pattern of about 30 patterns
6. You can choose Horizontal, Vertical, from square
7. can also enter text
8. You can enter easily emoticons
9. You can set the image as wallpaper made
10. You can share photos easily by email and SNS
11. can publish your image on the bulletin board only
12. You can set the live wallpaper

Memories with fellow far away that commemorative photograph of Partying large numbers of associations and women, were not able to attend also, as a collection of photos of pets or to image commemoration for the wedding to collect photos of the memories of the couple, is raising I like and how to use the photos one by one or in!
By processing the photo fun, Try using it

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Nekoneko Town

Large appointed mayor of Nekoneko Town Nekokaburi!

Town will develop by setting the rice, bring in the cat, and the city invited to touch the cats.
Completion of the picture book also seeks to devise also change from cat to gather valuable facility is changed!

=== Short description of the operation is as follows. ===

1.Will set the rice on a plate of rice in the bottom right corner.
2.Cats began to gather in the square after a while.
3.You can get a point in the city and invite your fingers touch the cats.
(Get a lot of points when you invite a precious cat that suffered Gotouchimon)
4.Valuable new cat-appears when you use it to buy a new facility.
5.Evolve gradually map of the city, depending on the number of cats you have invited.
6.Aims to complete the picture book Gotouchimon invited precious cat.
7.Get a login bonus and playing every day.

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A new photo designing application that lets you decorate your favorite photos!
What is Kirakira Photo Studio?
A photo application to decorate your favorite photos! We have more than 100 frames and stamps that decorate and create photos only for you. Why not post them up on twitter for your friends to check them out??

Basic Features
1.Various photo frame shooting
2.Pen tools and stamps to decorate
3.Photo posting on Twitter and tweeting feature
4.View hash tagged tweets
5.Create photo attached emails

Decorate your photo with 100 different kinds of frames and stamps!
Kirakira Photo Studio has 100 different kinds:20 frames and 80 stamps that decorates your photo. Just take a photo using your favorite frame, then decorate it with stamps and different pen tools. There are two categories under the frames and four categories under stamps, pick whichever one you like according to the scene.

Attach it on to your email or tweet your photo!
You can send your favorite photos to your friends and family through email and twitter. You can also use the application as a tool to tweet pictures or else, email friends with photos to enjoy exchanging photos! You can use the application in multiple-ways!
Even more, on twitter you can tweet using hash tags, so that you can view your tweets on the application message board.
Use this application to send around photos amongst your friends and family.


Mecha always with you

This is a healing application that you can play with a cute black cat “Metcha”.
Play everyday, you can get some wallpapers and frames of photos.
Let’s play with Metcha in his room, and call him by double tap.
Metcha will go to bed at night.
If you take a walk, you may meet many friends!
Let’s collect many presents from Metcha’s friends!
If he gets hungry, you can’t take a walk.
Please give him some foods and a bath.

Meal: Please feed Metcha some foods, if a Parameter of HUNGER goes down.
BATH: Please give Metcha a warm bath, if a Parameter of BATH goes down.
TAKE A WALK: Let’s get out with Metcha. But if he is hungry, you cannot take a walk.
PHOTO: Let’s take a picture with Metcha!
PRESENT: You can set up wallpaper and a frame of photos. Please play everyday and get many presents.

You can tee up the Metcha’s wake up (and bed) time.
So the time set for your lifestyles.

When this application is started up for the first time, the data of pictures and music will be downloaded.
Please start up at the location connected to Internet.

Planning: Potest CO, LTD.
Development: CyberBeing CO, LTD.
Original: Sakai Miru & milart
3DCG:Potest CO, LTD.
Music: Miyakawa Yoshitada
English Translation: Yoshimaru Azusa
Provider: Small-Lamp

Nekoneko Town World

Sequel of "Nekoneko Town" comes up!
By inviting the cat in the world, let's complete the picture book this time!

=== Game will advance easily follow the instructions below. ===

1.I will set the rice to rice dish empty.
2.Invite to the city by tapping your finger on the cat that appeared in the square.
3.I will enhance the facilities at the facility screen point when accumulated.
4.Rare cat will also be appear in the strengthening of the facility.
5.We aim to complete the picture book invites a lot of cat rare.

Introduction of previous application
[Neconeko Town]

Cat, Training game, City development game, Simple, Game, Complete Encyclopedia, Hat, world, small lamps, small-lamp

Hanko de Nyanko

Stamp a simple game with a lot of documents to complete the stamp appeared!
Complete the headdress also seeks to earn points while clearing the stage.

1.Press the stamp game
Please complete the document by tapping the cat mark of the documents come out.
The following documents will come up if you press the Complete button, press the number stamped on the document aims to target.
Fever Time to trigger during the game is the time stamp can be unlimited.

2.Aim to complete collecting headdress!
And earn points that get after game play, try also seeks completion headdress!
Since you can buy a headdress and use the points that were collected, should aim to play a lot of games to complete.

casual game,simple,game,stamp,sign,cat,cute,paw,pad,hat,small-lamp,スモールランプ

Puzzle Messenger

■ What's "Puzzle Messenger"?
Puzzle Messenger is an application for creating sliding block puzzles. You can convert your favorite photos or pictures to puzzles, and send them with messages by email.
Furthermore, Painting function is also available. You will enjoy making puzzles of illustrations created on your Android. Scribbled photos can be converted to puzzles, as well.
There are a wide variety of other functions such as the puzzle hint guide. Puzzle Messenger is a breakthrough communication tool whose capabilities will be enhanced by your ideas.

■ Functions of Puzzle Messenger
・ Puzzle Making
This function converts your favorite photos or pictures to sliding block puzzles.
You can choose from the following puzzle sizes: 9 piece 3 by 3, 16 piece 4 by 4, or 25 piece 5 by 5. The maximum storage capacity is up to 6 puzzles.
* Send an email to yourself with a puzzle that you have made. You can play it without saving (N.B. Not available for editing the puzzle.).
・ Painting
You can enjoy painting with the multicolor pen, whose line thickness is adjustable.
The enlargement function will help you to describe in details.
Furthermore, scribbling on ready-made images is available.
・ Message
This function sets the messages displayed when the puzzle games are completed.
・ Email
This function sends emails to your recipients with the puzzles you have created. By using Email function, your email receivers can also enjoy the puzzle games.
・ Puzzle Hint Guide
During the game playing, you can choose whether the completed pictures will be displayed or not.
Not displaying any completed pictures will increase the difficulty levels.

■ Examples for using Puzzle Messenger
・ Puzzle love letters using Message and Email functions
・ Campaigns using Message and Email functions
・ Labyrinth games and shape sorting puzzles using Puzzle Hint Guide function

ACal Ichiro Tsuruta

ACal Ichiro Tsuruta



ACal Kindayu

ACal Kindayu

ACal Seiji Mifune

ACal Seiji Mifune

Art JapaneseTarot - Misuzu.I

■Introduction to work
artist name:Misuzu Itateyama
The Japanese-style tarot cards of Misuzu Itateyama, who receives many requests for reprints after her works have sold out, have now appeared on the market as live wallpaper! The cards, which have been made more beautiful and simple by adjusting the hues and adding explanations, will color up your days. People who do not particularly like fortune telling can also enjoy these cards as a collection of unique Japanese-style pictures.

■Outline of Artist Live Wallpaper
Artist Live Wallpaper is a service run in collaboration with artists successful in illustration, painting, calligraphy and other fields of art to provide their works as live wallpaper. We collaborate with various artists including some working successfully at the forefront of their fields as well as up and coming artists whose careers can be expected to grow in the future to develop live wallpaper of great individuality.

■Animation functions
Artist Live Wallpaper will offer about 40 artworks per app as live wallpaper. The app transitions between artworks using about 10 different animation patterns. The animation used during a transition is selected at random so users can continue to enjoy the artworks without tiring of their presentation.

Search keywords:
Misuzu Itateyama, live wallpaper, tarot cards, fortune telling, Japanese style, the fool, the magician, the high priestess, the empress, the emperor, the hierophant, the lovers, the chariot, justice, the hermit, the wheel of fortune, power, the hanged man, Death, temperance, the devil, the tower, the star, the moon, the sun, judgment, the world

Fumetsu no Hohtoh

This business cartoon, "The Immortal Candlelight of Buddha" is from a traditional myth of Enryakuji Temple.
The story shows the true meaning of Zen spirit as well as the importance of passing it down to the next generation.
The cartoon is written in three languages; Japanese, English and Chinese.
You can choose whichever language you like.
The story is summarized so that you can enjoy it in your spare time.

Outline of the BOOK:
The hero is a young man who works in a Sales Department of a Trading Company.
The Company where he works has the tradition of chanting the Eight Articles of Company's Mottoes.
The young man has some doubts about this, thinking it might be a waste of time.
One morning, he asks the Manager about it.
It is really a waste? Or does it have some significant message?
You will find the answer when you read this cartoon.