Doctor Permission (Free)

Doctor permission is here to cure your safety and security problems!

We download so many applications every day, from the market or other app stores, each with its own list of permissions. Who can keep track of this mess??

With Doctor Permission you can access to all your applications and permissions in one place. The Doctor organized the list in a simple, intuitive, category based list so that anyone can use it. Even if it's your first time using an android.

Keeping your phone safe and secured is very important. Checking the permissions of your installed apps is top priority! This application allows you to control your permissions in the same (and even better) way that Anti-virus application do, for free!!

Doctor permission allows you to -
• View a list of your apps and clearly see which one is using which permissions.
• Go the other way and see each permission and which apps use it.
• We marked the apps that use your privacy settings and ones that are able to charge you money, so you can easily spot those and handle them.
• Sort the list by number of apps using the permission.
• Uninstall an app directly from the list.

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Thanks for downloading!

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Spot The Celeb

The ultimate celeb spotting quiz!

A fun little picture based quiz to test you celeb knowledge.

The concept is easy - 4 famous faces appear and a question with a celeb name. All you need to do is choose the correct one. Easy!

Each question is timed 10 seconds, so no time to look up on the web!!

You can share the app with friends and search the web for the hottest celebrity news with a click of a button!

So, how well do YOU know your celebs??

For any questions -

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