Word Search Little Books

Word Search Little Books is the first touch and pen-enabled word search game on any mobile platform. Word Search Little Books keeps track of your progress across numerous word search puzzles and puzzle books so that you can pick up right where you left off. Word Search Little Books works great on both Android phones and tablets. With new word search puzzle books being added all the time, Word Search Little Books aims to set a new standard for digital word searches.

- Play hundreds of different wordsearch puzzles
- Choose from dozens of different wordsearch puzzle book topics
- Pick up where you left off on any puzzle
- New wordsearch puzzles being added routinely
- Built for phones, tablets, and everything in-between
- Use your Galaxy Note S-Pen!
*Pen support requires a Samsung Galaxy Note device with S-Pen stylus

Featured as the Best Free App of the Day on Top Kids Apps! (January 2013)

Download it now, what do you have to lose? It's free (and fun)! Here are some of our favorite reviews - take their word for it!

"i have downloaded alot of different wordsearch puzzles and nothing comes close to being as good as this one.!!" - Christina

"This game is soo fun and it's really addicting!:)" - Katie

"Haven't done these puzzles in years. Forgot how fun they were. Great digital version of an old favorite." - Scott

Example puzzle categories in Word Search Little Books:
animals, Batman, cities, comic books, food, Harry Potter, holidays, movies, music, sports, Starwars, TV shows, video games, Spiderman, clothes, countries, human body, trees, cars, gemstones, pirates, royalty, space, travel, Seinfeld, beaches, Green Lantern, board games, card games, flowers, jewelry, mythology, artists, the mall, toys, Cheers, Friends, The Simpsons, The Office, The Wire, football, baseball, basketball, golf, lacrosse, volleyball, Superman, X-Men, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Indiana Jones, the Bible, gadgets, Full House, Family Matters, Halo, Lego games, and Firefly - just to name a few ;)

What is a word search puzzle?
A word search puzzle (also known as word searches, wordsearch, word find, word seek, find the word, etc.) is a word puzzle game where you are given a grid of letters and a list of words. The goal of the game is to find all of the words in the word list hidden in the grid of letters. Words can be in many different directions (ex: horizontal, vertical, diagonal) - they can also be backwards in any direction.

- added 5 new music books - play 50 new puzzles covering all your favorite artists!

- added 5 new books: A Song of Ice and Fire, Disney Movies, Disney Parks, Kids Books, and Kids TV
- minor fixes and improvements

- quick fix for issue where full-screen ads could still be displayed even after purchasing 'remove all ads'

- minor puzzle fixes

- Added 5 new books including Around the World, the Bible, gadgets, TGIF, and video games 2

- Added 5 new books including The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, Indiana Jones, Tolkien (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, etc.), and Stephen King
- minor tweaks and bug fixes

- Added new book Variety 5 (includes cartoons, reality tv, and more)
- fixed bug where last line could be cut off on certain phones

New in v2.4
- Added 4 new books including Daytime TV, Household, Music 2, and TV Shows 2. These include great puzzles on X-Files, Hair Bands, the Price is Right, and a bunch of other fun subjects!

New in v2.1
- Completing a book now unlocks another book at random

New in v2.0
- Added 5 new books including Animals, Harry Potter, Star Wars, TV Shows, and Variety 4. Please send in suggestions for other books you'd like to see!

New in v1.9
- Added 8 new books (tripling the number of puzzles!) including Cities, Comic Books, Holidays, Movies, Music, United States, Variety 3, and Video Games!
- Added ability to remove all ads via in-app-purchase

Maze Racer

Maze Racer is a maze inspired game where you draw a line from start to finish as fast as you can with your Galaxy Note S-Pen! In Maze Racer you get rewarded stars based on how quickly you reach the finish. Can you get 3 stars on every level? Maze Racer is currently an exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note because it makes use of the higher accuracy from the S-Pen. Get it now, it's totally free!

Maze Racer received 2nd place in Samsung's S-Pen 2012 challenge!

Please check out our latest S-Pen enabled game Word Search Little Books:

New in v1.8
- added 12 new user submitted levels - thanks for sending them in!
- there are now 46 levels in Maze Racer, thanks for your support!

New in v1.7
- added 6 new user submitted levels - thanks for sending them in!

New in v1.6
- removed interstitial ads and extra permissions for them as they were appearing too often and were overly invasive - my apologies!

New in v1.5
- added 6 new user submitted levels - keep them coming :)
- added a new about screen

New in v1.4
- added 5 new user submitted levels - keep them coming :)
- please try my new S-Pen game "Word Search - Little Books"!

New in v1.3
- added 4 new user submitted levels - keep them coming :)
- fixed crash that could occur if pen quickly left the edge of the screen

New in v1.2
- added 4 new user submitted levels (thanks for sending them in!)
- level section screen now supports scrolling left/right to see more levels
- optimized app file size
- minor tweaks

New in v1.1
- added instructions on how you can submit your own mazes for everyone to play - it's super simple!
- added two new levels (mazeracer and space)
- message that tells player they hit a wall now only appears once per level
- pen color can now vary between levels (to make darker levels possible)
- added ads (hopefully not too obtrusive - if you'd prefer a paid version let us know)
- fixes for expected compatibility issues with Ice Cream Sandwich

Note: Some early leaked versions of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy Note misrepresent the phone's screen size as 'normal' instead of 'large' - you may get errors that your device is not compatible with Maze Racer so long as you are using one of these leaked ROMs.

Magic Black Ball

Curious what the future holds? Ask the Magic Black Ball - similar to the magical toy we all used to play with as a kid. Ask it anything!