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Periodic Table

Socratica, LLC
Learn the periodic table of elements with Socratica. Over 30 facts about each element for reference. Audio clips to help with pronunciation. Test yourself with quiz mode. Find elements by table, search or index. Learn dozens of chemistry terms with our YouTube videos! (Available in many languages)

Countries of the World

Socratica, LLC
Learn about the countries of the world - capitals, populations, languages, GDPs, religions, flags & more. Test your knowledge of world geography with quiz mode. Audio is included to help with pronunciation. Find countries using the interactive map, search, or index.

U.S. Presidents

Socratica, LLC
Learn about the U.S. presidents - years in office, birthplace, trivia, party, vice presidents and more. Test yourself with Quiz mode. Find presidents by search or index. Kick-back and enjoy a presidential parade!

50 States

Socratica, LLC
Learn the states, capitals and much, much more.
For each state you will also learn the population, flag, largest city, motto, state bird, area and highest point! Test yourself with quiz mode. The clickable map makes it easy to lookup a state.

Learn the Alphabet (ABCs)

Socratica, LLC
Learn the Alphabet is a fun way for kids to learn their ABCs. All letters of the alphabet are included. There are videos to teach kids how to say and write each letter. Children can sing-a-long with the alphabet song. And the "Tap It" game is a fun way for kids to practice recognizing the letters of the alphabet.

Both upper case and lower case letters are taught.

Words, words, words!

Socratica, LLC
Words, words, words are what you need for effective communication. Start right from the beginning and master them all! The 2000+ words become more difficult with each passing quiz. Audio is included to help with pronunciation. Mix things up with the unscramble game!

Math Quiz

Socratica, LLC
Math Quiz is about numbers. Learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide three types of numbers: integers, fractions and decimals. When you are ready for a break, watch some of our many math videos!


Socratica, LLC
Quotes is a collection of 500 of the smartest quotes by famous scientists, philanthropists, actors and other celebrities. Share your favorite quotes with others. Quiz yourself with the "Who said that" game. Get to know each person through their portrait and wikipedia page.


Socratica, LLC
Alphabets are the building blocks of language. Learn the alphabets for Greek, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean and English. A quiz mode helps you practice. And for fun, we've included Morse code!

Greek Mythology

Socratica, LLC
Explore Greek Mythology with Socratica. Meet characters such as Zeus, Prometheus, Hercules & Pandora – more than 100 in total. An extensive art gallery shows character depictions in ancient & post-ancient art. Audio clips aid in pronunciation.

The Princess and the Pea

Socratica, LLC
How can you tell if a lady is truly a princess? Hans Christian Andersen tells a delightful short-story of how one Queen did just that. This app includes beautiful illustrations and a lovely recording of this classic fairy tale. You can enjoy the story by reading, listening, or both. This makes a wonderful bedtime story.

Length: 2:49
Artist: Kim Parkhurst
Voice: Karen Fritsche

Spelling Bee

Socratica, LLC
Learn to spell 2300+ English words. Clear audio clips are included. Words gradually increase in difficulty. This version is ideal for children. We are busy as bees adding more words and harder words!

Note: All spellings are in US English.

Pi (3.14159...)

Socratica, LLC
Pi - you learned about it in geometry. You get excited every
March 14th. Whenever you eat a slice of apple pie your
inner geek giggles. Now you can challenge your brain to see how many digits of pi you can memorize!


Socratica, LLC
Learn about the skeleton inside of you. View the bones from different angles & learn their pronunciation. Test yourself with quiz mode. Lookup a specific bone by search, index or interactive chart.

Petting Zoo (Animals for Kids)

Socratica, LLC
Petting Zoo is an amazing place for kids to learn about animals. Beautiful illustrations and spoken descriptions help your child learn all about their favorite animal friends. Animals are grouped by land, sky and water. There are over 60 animals to learn about including the elephant, zebra, owl, leopard, horse and many more!

Learn to Count

Socratica, LLC
Learn your numbers by counting stars and spaceships!
First count up to 10, then count all the way up to 25.
Friendly outer-space travelers help you along your way.

Words of Distinction

Socratica, LLC
Super-charge your vocabulary with 250 powerful words. Audio clips help with pronunciation. Test yourself with quiz mode. Find a word by search or index.

Famous Paintings

Socratica, LLC
Learn about the works of classic artists like Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and van Gogh. Over 100 famous paintings have been captured for you to love and admire. Pinch-to-zoom lets you investigate the finer details of each painting. Enjoy a highly energetic parade for the art-lover on the go.

Famous Old Buildings

Socratica, LLC
Learn about ancient historical buildings like the Taj Mahal, Pantheon, Petra and more. Fifty famous buildings have been covered along with lessons of history, architecture and structural design accompanied by several pictures.

Speak Like an American

Socratica, LLC
Speak like an American introduces you to words, phrases, slangs & idioms that are in common-use among American English speakers with the goal of teaching you how to speak like a native American. We've included examples with each entry. You can "star" interesting items and take a quiz to see how much you learned.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Socratica, LLC
The Emperor's New Clothes is a classic short story by Hans Christian Andersen. Enjoy the full-length story by reading, listening, or both. The app features original artwork by Kim Parkhurst and voice narration by Karen Fritsche.

Length: 13 minutes
Artwork: 10 original illustrations

Speak Like a Persian (Farsi)

Socratica, LLC
'Speak Like a Persian' introduces you to Farsi, a language spoken by more than 50 million people in the Middle East. Learn nearly 200 words & phrases. Audio helps with pronunciation. Words are written with both the English & Persian alphabets. History & trivia are also included.


Socratica, LLC
Welcome to Socratica! We collect and organize high-quality educational videos for people of all ages. From science and math, to the arts and humanities - you can find it here. Just search or browse for a topic, then select a video to watch. Socratica will help you on your journey of lifelong learning.

The Sonnets, by Shakespeare

Socratica, LLC
Enjoy all the world as seen through Shakespeare's eyes. Audio recitations are included for each of the 154 sonnets, so you can choose to read or listen to the poetry. An index of first lines helps you quickly find your favorite poem. The sonnets are also fully searchable, so you can find that perfect sonnet about roses.